Meet Said Hiribae (Boy G): The next Victor Wanyama.


If you haven’t seen Said Hiribae (Boy G) play, then you have probably haven’t seen the best football attacking talent ever in the Coast region. Aged 17, the teen is already a fan favourite in Tana River and I can confidently argue that he is the most popular football player in Tana River alongside Issa (Marsis) who was scouted to join Bandari FC earlier this year(2018).

A recent incident that saw opposing fans demand to kiss his shoes after a match in Mombasa proved doubters wrong. The fans waited Boy G anxiously on the sidelines for the “kiss of appreciation” after the match that saw him claim a brace against his opponents. He actually deserved it as an appreciation for his stellar performance.

He is currently a student at Ndura Secondary School and plays for various teams and clubs including Ngajo of Handampia, Red Juniors of Kilindini and various clubs from Garsen. He also play for the Tana River county football team and Emmausian FC and was part of the squad that played against Gor Mahia FC though could not feature in the match due to illness.

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Capable of playing in the wings, striker position or as an attacking midfielder he has managed to score a whooping 18 goals in 9 matches in Said Posta’s ‘No drugs, no violence’ tournament.

He is blessed with speed, dribbling skills and above all he has a great composure infront of goal. His stunning header,dribbling, magical football skills and an absolute screamer in a recent match in Bomu stadium (Mombasa) had fans likening him to Aubameyang’s scoring “killer instinct” and Hazard’s ball playing ability.

He was an outstanding player in this year’s Tana River County and sub-county Secondary School’s football competition racking up a record 12 goals in 6 matches. (Top scorer(sub county))

I have watched him play and am sure he can fit in any big team in the world leave alone teams in Kenya(I can bet on this). He got a talent enough to play in any top level team especially if he is under professional guidance and coaching.

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In a recent interview with Pokomo Magazine the lad revealed that he could not attend the recently concluded Bandari FC trials due to financial constraints but he was confident of drawing attentions of scouts present if he were there and he would be glad if invited for trials to any team capable of helping him grow his talent.

It is actually sad to see such talents rot in our presence leave alone see him struggle to remain in school being an orphan (lost both parents in 2015 and ‘hustling’ brother cannot raise school fees)

We at Pokomo Magazine have taken the initiative to grow this talent (donated 4000 for school fees) we also ask you to kindly help the orphan realize his dreams and also help many other lads with talents achieve their utmost potential.

For any assistance please call/text/WhatsApp +254710678873 or call +254729 171699 – Principal, Ndura Secondary School.



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