Our interview with KULLAH THE BE@T (KULAH NZOMO) of AMANI FM: (sky is the limit)


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He is one of the reasons why Tana Delta radio listeners can’t have enough MZUQA Show(program) from Monday to Friday 6pm-9pm, it’s all about music industry of East Africa.
His demeanor of rhyming when talking to his fans and when interviewing artists in his shows makes people tune in and stay glued to follow up on what he will say, who he will host and the latest music and news in entertainment world.
He is Polygot; he speaks English, Swahili, Kamba, Giriama and Pokomo which make him easier to communicate with his fans from different ethnic groups.

Kullah the be@t has outdone himself as a radio presenter. But who is he? Our Author FREDY MATIBA had a candid chat with him.

Is journalism what you wanted to do when growing up?
Yes, I did.  Growing up, I was obsessed with listening to whatever was airing. So, in high school when I got the opportunity to be in the journalism club and the feeling that came with it cemented my thoughts and l knew there and then that’s what l wanted to do for the rest of my life.

So, after high school what did you do before joining media. How did that shape your career?
After High school I joined Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) college where I pursue a diploma course in procurement.

How did you join Amani FM?

I had a dream that one day I would be a journalist, then one day I had from a friend that there is an organization which wants to start a community radio in Garsen, and its offices will at Caristas guest house, the passion in me drove me to their offices. The management gave me the opportunity to be a radio presenter, though I did not have journalism background. I started as a volunteer but hard work now am the Production Manager of the Station, I thank the almighty God for this. Amani FM is a local community radio where the main purpose is to preach peace and I am the voice behind the most popular show in Tana River Mzuqa Show. Mzuqa show mainly deals with Entertainment and Art both local, national and East Africa, if you want to update yourself on latest Music, News, Events, interviews etc. then be a Mzuqa show fan hapa kwetu muziki nyumbani.

Who is your mentor?
I grew up listening to music and presenters, I like how Gates Mgenge grandson (Mashavu Mashav) formally of Pwani Fm now with Pili Pili FM, Peter Adams (P.A finger works Djs), Alan Wakori (kijana mzito alande) and many others are doing. I learn a lot from them but honestly Mzazi Willy M. Tuva from kenya, Jonny Joo and Sam Misago from Tanzania really inspire me, these are my mentors.


Tell us more about yourself?

Apart from being a radio presenter, I am an MC during events where I mostly host musicians when performing live on stage. Im also the Amani FM event manager whenever we have event such Amani night, Amani tour etc. Im the link between the station and Musicians both local artists and East African (Tanzanian Artists) due to the vast connection i have with them, im tasked to make sure those events are successful. I believe in working hard, the sky is the limit one day I will be somewhere you will not believe.

Back to Media, Radio stations are slowly growing in Tana River. What are some of the things that you have observed about the industry

Yes! Currently in the county there is Amani FM, which I believe is the best. Then we have Tana FM, and TBC (County broadcasting station) maybe soon more stations are coming. Im not in a position to talk about the other stations, also I will not talk about the competition, since am positive minded person I think having these stations opens employment opportunities specially to the youth. Let investors start more stations. Your hard work and creativity will put you on the top.

Are local media stations doing enough to help local talents?
Yes to some extent, I’m 50/50 on this, simply because they’re really trying to put more local content out there that viewers will enjoy. However, they have the potential to do way more than they are currently doing. That said; let me not take way from the huge steps they have taken to accommodate more local content.

Speaking of local Talents, what are you doing to promote local talents in Tana River?
I gave the local artists a platform to showcase their talents by hosting them. I believe we have talented artists in Tana River and there are well-wishers out there who are willing to sponsor them and my show is the link between. I have a dream that one day an artist from Tana River will be known to the world after her/his Mzuqa show interview. Very soon a collabo between Fat-S and Msema Qweli will be out which it will give me bragging rights since am the architect of the project, am planning to continue doing these kind of projects linking local artists and already established artists.


Talk to us about Mzuqa show which you’re the host.

Mzuqa show support secular music of local artist and East Africa in general, the show is the home of Entertainment, News and updates. Every Wednesday there is a music challenge segment where two or more local artists compete and the listeners are judges by voting. The artist with the highest votes gets a motivational reward inform of cash and my own label t shirts of Kullah The Beat. On Mondays we mostly cater on topics of human rights Tuesdays are Hip hop days where Hip Hop dominate the airwaves and issues of youth empowerment, Thursdays are TBT songs and profiling artist Fridays its where full gossip of musicians and getting top ten songs of east Africa

I have hosted and interview with artists both from Kenya and Tanzania. From Kenya Sir G, Fred Abio, Msema Qweli, Sususmila, Beka the boy, Fat S, Kidis, Kelechi Afrikana, CMB Prezoo, ALY B, FREDY MATIBA of POKOMO MAGAZINE, and Redemta Barnaba. From Bongo Nandy, Billnass, ENOCK Bella, Aslay, and many others and from that interview I normally do on Wednesday and Fridays.

What have you been able to learn about yourself as a radio-presenter so far?
I have learnt that growth is inevitable. You keep on growing your character, day in day out. Now am connected with who is who in music industry, from Deejays, Music promoters, Event organizers, Artists Managers, to Artists both in Kenya and Tanzania, armed with just a phone I just make a call whenever I need information, want to interview them or to invite them for show.

What are some of challenges you face in your career?
(Laughs) Good question. ladies fall in love with you, ha!ha!ha! its jokes. Okey on serious note, being on media not everyone will love you so I have learned to accommodate them and to live with them. When they try to take you down by negative posts and talks about you I don’t respond to them, I work very hard to prove them wrong which keep me growing. At the same time I usual take positive criticism very serious, I try to correct whenever a mistake was raised by critics.

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What would you tell a young Kullah the beat out there who wants to join wants to be a radio presenter?
I would tell them to wear a tough skin because nothing about our industry is easy. He/she must be ready get dirty in order to get the job done. Always be ready to learn from others.

What are some of your achievements and your positive contributions since you join the industry?
I have earlier said this, am the link between Fat-S and Msema Qweli and also the same musician am linking him with bongo musician to do another collabo and apart from him others are trying to do collabo with known artist but they lack support

So, what is next for kullah the beat?
I have been thinking about branching out; expanding the brand. I’m currently working on it; so l don’t want to give too much details about what am doing. Just watch the space, good things are cooking. You will know when the right time come.

How can people contact you?
You can contact me through my email address, josephnzomo@gmail.com or my phone number +254704868213, follow me on Facebook: Nzomo Kulah Twitter: @nzomo_Kulah, Instagram: Nzomo_Kulah

Thanks for the interview. Any final words to your fans out there?
First I would like to thank you and Pokomo Magazine for this interview and giving me the opportunity to tell my fans out there more about myself. To my fans I love you, continue tuning to Amani FM I promise next year 2019 great things are coming. Mzuqa show will be more fan interactive, next year God’s wishes Mzuqa show will bigger and bolder. I would like also to take this opportunity to wish my fellow workmates, Pokomo Magazine crew, my friends and fans. I wish you Mary Christmas and happy new year may the almighty God Bless you all.


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