Uprising Soccer Boys Qualify After Beating Manchester United of Malindi Ya Ngwena


Uprising Soccer Boys popularly known as USB yesterday qualified to the finals at ward level in Mama Chap Chap’s tournament after beating Manchester United of Malindi ya Ngwena by one goal to nil.

The finalist and runners up in Said Posta’s ‘No drug no violence tournament’ are one of the favourites to win this tournament because of their strong squad and their beautiful football which attracts so many supporters. Beside the team has a large number of supporters who usually helps them during matches.

USB got their goal in the 55th minute through Bakari alias Beka thanks to an assist from his Captain Willy.

It is believed Hon. Sauda Loda is a fan to this team because his son – Willy is the captain of the team.

USB now waits to face the winner in the match between Old Town and Ajax in the finals.

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