More details about the Chakama abductors surfaces.


Yusuf Kuno Adan whose I.D was used by one of the attackers to book a room in Chakama local Lodge is dead and his body was buried about four month ago in Bora-Imani area in Garsen. Probably a relative, friend or a person well known by family members is using the identity card and is one of the attackers.

Ibrahim Adan Omar is from Assa-Kone area and he used to ferry miraa to Assa using bodaboda. He is a well known Bodaboda operator in Garsen.

Said Adan Abdi lives in Tulu, Garsen outcast. A known poacher. Authorities have been monitoring his movements. His wife, Mama Elima is a well known business woman who operates a kibanda in Garsen town where she sells clothes and other items. She is now arrested by police for further interrogation.

Also police have arrested another suspect. A young man from Ngumu village at Safari Hotel in Garsen receiving treatment which raised questions why he didn’t go to hospital.

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As we are publishing this we have just received news that another man also from Ngumu village named Saweni was arrested and he was the last person seen with Said Adan Abdi.

Still the police are requesting the members of public share with information which may lead to arrest of criminals and release of the abducted Italian lady. If you have any information you need to contact the police as soon as possible.


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