This weekend I went back to the village, since it has been long since I visited the area I decided to bless the ancestors of my land with some bottles of beers to our villager philosopher professor Komora, since its harvesting time I went directly to my farm where I spent the whole day there and later in the evening I visited professor Komora.

We went around the house and sat under a mango tree where there was a GOGO and MBOTHE (local game) we started playing. But he did not look as serious as normal while playing.

 He was so excited, before his first sip he poured a few drops on the ground for the “gods” then he checked his village dictionary, wisdom started dripping from him, he said “my younger brother, today I will tell you a story. “

He began “After the 2017 victory they invited everyone for the victory celebration party, everyone joined the celebration. an Elephant was slaughtered for everyone to enjoy.

The spokesman announced “unfortunately we were able to prepare only ten plates, so you have to share”, they all agreed.

The first plate labeled ‘tulizeni nyavu’ was served to  them they complained so much, the second plate labeled ‘disco dingila malaf laf’ was served others called it disco ‘dingila mmaasai’. Some could not cope with situation they decide to leave. The Third plate labeled ‘kila mtu afanye Kazi’ was served and the party was over, the remaining “group” was told to wait for another party, they were told to give space for the few matumbo makubwa to enjoy the seven remaining plates.

But immediately after the group left a fight erupted, the remaining could not agree to share the meal. They exchange kicks and blows, and then one of them decided to soil the food ‘heri tukose sote yani mwaga ugali ni mwage mboga’.

The group which left popular known as Walala hoi noticed the commotion they returned to know what was not happening, Mr. Man Man (the person who soil the meal) quickly addressed them that “kila kitu shwari and everyone should concern his or her business”

Knowing that there is a problem the first group walala hoi & others left the place. The spokesman of that event Mr. Tuliza Nyavu who normaly silents his critics with ‘mwachachalani sasa’ slogan decided to shout, shouting to every passerby that Mr. Man Man has soiled the meal and he will spend the night on an empty stomach, and that Mr. Man man is undermining his boss, everyone (the walala hoi) sympathized with him.

Mr. Man man seeing the new development warned everyone that they should not cry with the spokesman or else it’s going to be messy and noisy with casualties. He employed his own spokesman to monitor the “mourners”.

But people decide to defy Mr. Man Man orders, they openly talked of the misfortune, Mr. Man Man decided to bite the first casualty a young man who was forced to spend two days in a forest.

Though it brought some order and people stopped talking openly but they still talked about it secretly .They formed some groups to liberate the citizen out of the cruel regime, and the first to face the consequences will be a young leader who will be an example to others.

Then he concluded,” This is the state of your nation,” I did not understand anything, I asked him the meaning or lesson of the story? He said, “Freddie I thought your one of the brightest young men around here you can easily grasp this” but when I insisted he told me “I have bought a new computer I will email you don’t worry”.  By now ten empty beer bottles were lying on the floor; you can see from his talk that the liquor was working miracle in his brain. He told me,” I have to rest now; I will drink the remaining four bottles tomorrow after the church. “


I left him there heading back to my house to watch the seven o’clock news but on my way, the story was still repeating its self, I asked myself a lot of question but I couldn’t get answers. I resolved that I will find answers after he emailed me.


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