Unveiling The Motives Behind County Employees Reporting Late For Work


Monday morning came as a surprise for many county workers after the county Boss, Governor Godhana ordered gates closed after he realized that only 20% of the employee had reported to work according to the stipulated reporting time.

According to the governor, he believes that kind of practice has been going on for a long time inherited from the previous administration. He also declared tough disciplinary action would be taken against any member of staff as the behavior could not be tolerated under his administration.

We as the judge to the story will congratulate the governor for taking vast action against laziness portrayed by the county employee but do we really know the other side of story that lead to such actions by the county worker?

We as Pokomo Magazine did dug much deeper to this whole laziness issue and heard some of the grievances the county employees had of concern to the Dhadho Godhana administration;

  1. Delays in Salary Payment. – Many of the county employees had concerns about their September salaries which had not been paid although the county assembly had recently passed the annual budget that will see workers paid. They argued that they do also have other responsibilities that had to be handled pertaining their own sustainability, school fees and other bills that needed handling. 
  2. Concerns on the Oncoming Staff Audit. – Some of the county employees had their own grievances pertain the staff audit scheduled on Friday, the 12th October. The county had on 8th issued notice for a staff meeting to be held at Hola Vocational Training Centre requesting county employees i.e County Directors and below to come with letters of appointment and academic certificates. This move is believed is aimed by the County Boss to get rid of some  employees from their jobs.
Audit Notice Issued by the County Government

We are all eyes to get you the latest news pertaining the Staff Audit this Friday and get you the exclusive news from it. Some already haved termed the ‘Staff Audit’ as biased and fears that the positive results will be dominated by one community but who are we to judge?

Drop in your views and comments on the coming ‘Staff Audit.’ Do you believe there would be biasnesss in its outcome?



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