“The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Many historical sources prove that slavery is older than employment. As a matter of fact employment is the modern slavery we have in our era. Let no man deceive you, many are in occupations which they never loved. They go to job not because of personal fulfillment and satisfaction, but because of the need for financial security. They sell their time in exchange of money. Everyday they work hard within a time range from 8am to 5:30 pm (common in most public institutions) and failure to conform means disrespect to the institutionalized authority.

Employment has locked employees in a dependency relationship with their employers. This phenomenon keeps them in a servitude state. In this part am going to focus on the original concept of employment by taking you back to historical events. It is worth noting that employment in itself isn’t bad but the spirit behind it is very disastrous. If care is not taken one may slip into poverty at old age.

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The ancient Roman empire and the Greek did not have employees as members of their societies. One was either a slave or a free citizen. Free citizens were then divided into other social classes such as the royal class, the army etc. Employment came into its fullest during the British empire.

At the start of the British empire people either worked for the common wealth of the kingdom or communally to provide for their families ,clans or chiefdom needs but not as subjects to monthly wages. Then came in the massive inflow of slaves from Africa and Asia. By the 13th- 15th century slave trade was at its peak and the American land was teaming with black strangers.

After more than 100 years of slave trade , Christianity began creeping into Europe and an anti-slavery campaign emerged.The abolition of slave trade and slavery came both as a blessing and also a disaster , it was a blessing because no more slaves would leave Africa. On the other hand it was a real disaster because no slave master was willing to repatriate the slaves back to were they came from after all not all the slave came from one place .


The Free slaves given salary
The slaves were now to be set free but in a strange land. Some masters felt cheated and continued using them in exchange of food and clothing plus shelter. Free food and free shelter plus free clothing became another issue.The slaves having no costs to incur embarked on unplanned reproduction which at first seemed like a blessing to the masters but later became a dare threat. Many babies were born and nobody cared where they will sleep and or eat. Even though they were working but now not as slaves, it was a fair working condition

After several years of constrain the masters opted to make the freed slaves responsible for their own lives by evicting them from the firms and paying them a sizable amount of money for a monthly labour and this is what we today call SALARY.

Purpose of the Salary
It was designed to keep the slaves alive and strong but not equal to their former Masters. Salary was also only designed to solve monthly problems not life time dreams.


From the above history it’s wise to note that the change of the name FREED SLAVE to an EMPLOYEE does not change the purpose for which it was designed and the spirit behind it. On the next part I will explain more on how the spirit of employment can tempt one to live a corrupt and unsuccessful life. Never miss it.


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