In a complaint addressed to NMG newspaper editors, the Director highlighted the repeated gross negligence and smacks of bad faith after today’s nation newspaper used a photo of the Current Governor Major [rtd] Dr. Dhadho Godhana but captioned it with the former Governor Amb. Tuneya Dado’s names, this is a repeat mistake after Taifa Leo once did the same mistake of wrong captions of the current and previous Tana River Governors.

In a well articulated statement the Enigmatic Director demanded for retraction and apology of equal prominence from the media group.

It has come to our attention that the Nation Media Group has continued to give erroneous information regarding our Governor H.E Major (Rtd) Dr Dhadho Gaddae Godhana.

In today’s page 6 of the Daily Nation Newspaper you have once again used the photo of Major {Rtd) Dr Godhana but gone ahead to refer him as Hussein Dado in the caption. Previously, Taifa Leo placed a photo of llussein Dado with the caption reading Major (Rtd) Dr Godhana.

This mix up and embarrassment is to say the least, gross negligence and smacks of bad faith, Going forward, we demand retraction of the offending caption and an apology of equal prominence.

Fri 28th Sept newspaper page

This is after residents of Tana River County took to social media demanding attention from the Unrelenting Director press Steve Juma to flex his muscles and tame his own “home” media station from continuing giving false information about the leadership of Tana River County.

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The enigmatic Steve Juma has demanded a correction from NMG In tomorrow’s newspaper and put Tana River County in its right leadership foot.


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