Someone once said “the most pathetic person in the world is some one who has sight but no vision.” People live searching the meaning of life. But the truth is this: life in itself does not have a meaning; we give it by how we live it. Simple.

Vision is the capacity of having clear images of how your future will look like; It’s your goal in life, that appears so true in mind. Vision is what motivate people on how to live. Thus every action and decision is informed by ones vision. Show me your decisions and patterns of behaviour and I will tell you your vision.

A vision clearly determines the direction one will take in life. The following are few important factors in determining whether one has a vision in life.

A man of vision values time. Every minute count; they are conscious of time when they eat and hang out with friends. Infact nearly everything they do is informed with time.

Such people have a clear plan for a day. They don’t spend much of their time on movies. They know they have 24 hours a day, thus they manage it wisely. They don’t dwell on things which won’t build up on their vision. In other words time is an investment to them, therefore they invest it wisely.


If there’s a common thing for people of vision is aloneness. This doesn’t mean they are lonely rangers, nay. Aloneness is different from being lonely. To be alone is simply means to be by yourself. It is a time for personal evaluation, a time for exploring your passion, a time for doing what fulfills you. Such people have time to hang with other people and a quality time too for themselves. It’s also a time for self discovery. For instance the steve Jobs in his childhood days he preferred doing things by himself. He was not interested in group things and parties. Rather he spent a lot of time working in the garage workshop of a neighbor who is an electronics manufacturer. This aloneness made him to become the one of the most inventive and minds in American technology. He had a vision.

The conspicuous achievements of visionary people is an outcome of the quality of time invested in private for themselves. This is why such men keep few friends and some even struggle in this area of making friends. They are always strong in the face of storms of life. Their quiet environment build up their resiliency.


Strong will
Visionary people are strong willed. They don’t easily give up. Infact that doesn’t exist in their dictionary. Their vision won’t let them rest. They are not easily discouraged by circumstances or people’s opinions. As long as their vision is concerned they see victory. They never get tired of trying. As a matter of fact it’s in their trying they derive more inspiration to persist.

Albert Einstein the man behind the theory of relativity once terribly failed his first Polytechnic entrance exams. He wasn’t good in all subjects, he wasn’t a perfect student. But all this didn’t discourage him. He was more engulfed in his vision and that’s why he was much better in science. He made it; because science as the area of his vision motivated him to do something about the other subjects and at last he succeeded.

Isaac Newton was also a man who overcame all odds even after loosing his father before his birth. He never loosed his vision. Later he was recognised as the man behind the theory of gravity.


Strong willed individuals are not victims of negative peer influence rather they got peculiar personality to influence others.

Instinct is the power to behave or react naturally without having to think about it. Men with vision believe in what their instinct tells them. They could sense uneasiness with a situation or around people and not ignore the feeling. It is a power to fulfill their vision. They make decisions based on it not on what people think. It brings out their uniqueness. It is the power of instinct that makes the bird to fly and the same will make men of vision to fly higher above the limits.

In conclusion, it’s good to have sight to see your current situation and it’s another thing to have vision to bring the best out of your problematic situation. Whomever have a vision has a future.

Are you motivated? Are you inspired? Get a vision.


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