Tanariver Governor Major Dhadho Godhana talking to officials and residents at Lake Shakababo

While on a Development survey visit to Lake Shakababo, Tanariver County Governor, Major Dhadho Godhana promised residents that they will see development projects that will supplement and support the already ongoing development of Lake shakababo.

The governer who was accompanied by local leaders promised the youth of his government support and advised them to come up with groups that will be able to access loans and grants.

The Tanariver Governor also promised to start a cooling plant that will help the area fishermen to store their produce and also help in finding a ready market, the Governor further said that his government will make sure that Lake Shakababo becomes a tourism center and also make Shakababo a Revenue collection center.

Lake Shakababo was brought back to life after so many years of being dry due to lack of rains and floods, this year after the County government of Tanariver under direct supervision of the governor and a group of engineers dug a few with a tunnel leading to the once famous Ox-bow lake, many thought the resources being pumped into reviving the lake would be in vain but it turned out to be a big success.

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The County government through the department of fisheries stocked the lake with a variety of fingerlings and some few months ago posed a ban against fishing in the lake but later withdrew the notice.

Governor Godhana  and other offi
Governor Godhana and other local leaders in a boat at L. Shakababo

Local fishermen around the lake are expected to gain from the resources that the government are pooling towards lake Shakababo.

The County Governor seems to be a man with visions but lacking support from local leaders who seem to be opposing and politicizing every development move that Governor Major Godhana takes.



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