Lamu County Leaders Lobby To ‘Steal’ Kipini From Tanariver


With the recent news from IEBC which caught many by surprise that some constituencies will be axed from existence, it has led to panic to some leaders and populations living in those areas. IEBC has promised to follow the constitution to legally remove all constituencies that do not meet the minimum requirements for them to be constituencies.

The major effect of a region losing a constituency is that most national governments services will be shifted to different headquarter hence render people moving further to seek them. Also, it means changing of boundaries will results to losing devolved funds such as CDF. Example if Galole and Bura today merge, it means only one CDF kitty will have to serve both the two regions. This will render a region to be marginalized.

To counter attack any marginalization, Lamu County politicians are now lobbying to at least remain political relevant as they are now facing the axe of IEBC. With a population of only 101,539 (2009, census), they won’t be able to meet the legal minimum required population density to form more than one constituency. Lamu East has a population of 18,841 while Lamu West with 82,698. The only way they can survive is to ‘steal’ population from neighbouring counties.

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The former Women Rep of Lamu County has suggested a review of boundaries should be done so as to balance the existing population. Her idea is to merge Kipini with Lamu West and take Amu to Lamu East. Kipini East Ward which they are targeting has a population of around 19,577 (2009, census) will end up boosting their overall population thus securing two constituencies and even adding more.

As we speak, there are petitions to IEBC through Save Mokowe Organisation to make sure Kipini is ‘returned’ back to Lamu where it belongs. Also other are suggesting to sponsor motion to the Assembly to make sure they succeed.

Here in Tanariver we are still in slumber land. We all know Bura and Galole will be merged, so who cares? What about Kipini? Garsen population is just appx. 96,664. With now the new threat from Kipini, people should be on alert. Also, down south Garsen between Kilifi and Tanariver boundaries there is also wrangles with boundaries. It is time Tanarian wake up and defend their lands.



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