Kinakomba villagers in shock after someone did this…


Residents of Kilindini village in Kinakomba were left in shock after waking up on Saturday morning to the news that a carcass of a child buried a day ago was “unburied”.

It is believed that whoever dug out the carcass has done so to get some parts of the child’s body for witchcraft purpose.

Until the time I am publishing this article, the one that undug the grave has not been identified though the family of the carcass in question have vowed to “deal” with the perpetrator of this action.

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  1. It’s utterly unfortunate for such happenings occurring during this part of the century when there is abundance of civility, dignity and piety especially in that part of Tana River, Kinankomba. The dead are well known to be as dysfunctional as any drowning people in the abyssal ranges of an ocean. They need our salvaging endeavours as can neither perform anything substantial nor any other pragmatic for themselves. Why then bother their body parts with some unorthodox rituals?

    Such inhumane cults should be ashamed. Dead human bodies should remain corpses and not carcasses.

  2. Iam shocked by this happenings in my own backyard KINAKOMBA there something a miss. This is the place I grew up Kinakombas are well known God fearing people, but if what I have been hearing is anything to go by then evil spirits have descended in Kinakomba area of TanaRiver. There are stories that some members from this area have joined some cults and this incident may be a prove that.


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