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Recently you have noticed there is a song goes by the name “POKOMO! POKOMO!” which has been dominating the airwaves of our local radio stations in the county (Amani FM and Tana FM) and pubs, perhaps you may be wondering whether MIGOS of united states or KHALIGRAPH JONES of Kenya has mustered the Pokomo language and one of them did the song in Pokomo.

The artist behind the hit song is none other than Ian Dullu Gwiyo from Marembo village in Garsen North Ward, Tana Delta sub county, he goes by stage name Msema Qweli, a Swahili name meaning truth teller but Kweli has been styled, letter ‘K’ replaced by letter ‘Q’ the reason of doing that he told us that he wanted it to look more artistic.

Msema Qweli started doing music at a very young age, singing in church with Sunday school choir, his passion of the music made him to write several songs which he performed both in church and at school.    

In 2009 while at Sparki Primary school in Mombasa recorded his first gospel song “nionyeshe njia” where he was telling GOD to show him the way in his life.

And truly to what he prayed for to GOD in his first recorded song, in 2010 God open chances to him, performed and won several street free style battles in Mombasa this made him to get  a sponsor/ Manager who would take him to these battles and he was his advisor, one day he demanded that the money earned from those free style battles should be used to record his songs the sponsor varnished, he did not realize that actually the sponsor Cum manager was coning him, i think It was due to his age at that time, the poor kid was very frustrated thinking that the sponsor (conman) was the pillar to his music career.

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In 2011 he recorded “MAISHA” featuring Rero Ty where they  advise fans about life “you have to accept life the way it is“. He was invited and Performed in birthdays bashes, funerals, wedding and youth rallies. The biggest of all, he performed together with Kelele Takatifu at Multimedia University in Nairobi.

In 2012 recorded “ALISEMA“ telling people that he is able and talented, he produced the song at CYPHER RECORDS. Since he believes that he is talented he just needed the support.

In 2013 he joined Madogo Secondary School this was another great opportunity which opened new doors he performed during entertainment and drama festivals he also  tried doing comedy. armed with mic he would make everyone laughing to his comics or dance to his music, this made him known by everyone in and outside the school, he performed in all school functions and some of the outside the school ones. one weekend he had an opportunity to perform at Mombasa Maize millers” Dola Flour” advertisement show in Madogo Town.


In 2017 stated taking music serious, eagerly wanted the breakthrough he started looking and talking with established artists especially from Tanzania, he talked to STAR WA MAPOZI and BEKA FLAVOR all from Tanzania, and Kenyan Tanzania based rapper and producer SHIRKO, but all demanded money which during that time he did not have, as we were writing this article these were his words “msijali mungu yuko, atanipea hela ni fanye na wao siku moja” ( “don’t worry God is with me, one day he will give me the required cash and I will work with them )

This year (2018) though heartbroken for not utilizing the opportunity to work with the Bongo artists he was able to produce “SO FINE” produced by SIRSLEE at RIVER RECORDS, and hit song POKOMO at STRUGGLE RECORDS, Pokomo was well received by fans and it is always in Tana FM and Amani FM plays list every day, when we asked him about this club banger, he said “the song Pokomo is a blessing to me, it gave me a chance to curtain raise for FAT-S at club Jambo in Tarasaa village, latter FAT-S himself saw my talent and abilities he requested to work with me, then we did a song called  Basi Nenda at Mwamba Records yet to be released, it will be in available to you soon also the has gave me an opportunity to perform in Safaricom roadshows“.

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The dream to work with other established bigger artists in Kenya and Tanzania is still in his mind, he showed us a WhatsApp chat where he is communicating with Bongo sensation DOGO ASLAY of “Naenda Kusema Kwa mama”” kwa raha, natamba”, and “ama zangu ama zako” hit songs and ASLAY after requesting and listening to his songs he agreed to work with but like the other artist Dogo Aslay posed a question “uko na ngapi bro?” Msema Qweli did not want to let him down by telling him that cash is a problem him he responded “ngoja nijipange, kisha ntakujibu bro” Dogo Aslay went further and requested Msema Qweli when he is ready to travelling to Tanzania, they will work on that project.

There is unwritten law where established artists request for cash before working with upcoming artists very few cases this doesn’t happen, Msema Qweli is requesting for well-wishers to help in his career especially this project to work with Dogo Aslay, he believe it will open the doors for him and other artists in Tana River        

You can contact him through

Facebook: Msema Qweli

Twiter: Msema Qweli

Instagram: Msema Qweli

Mob: 0743530720



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