Forget Dayate village, IEBC Will Likely Wipe Galole From Existence


We have been talking the whole day about moving headquarters from one location to another forgetting the most important tool that is mostly needed for political relevancy…population. While leaders in other counties are busy increasing their population by giving its people the necessary tools for procreation ie self-sustaining jobs, new farming techniques, better medical care and family planning advices, in Tanariver we are busy encouraging poverty by rendering farmers beggars, feeding the population with donation foods, isolating youths from county jobs, poor health facilities etc. This has resulted to thousands of people running away from the county to look for greener pastures in other counties, high mortality rate, lack of patriotism towards the county and many more.

We have brought this to ourselves and we should not blame anyone. The good news is that come 2020 there will be a review of constituencies. Bad news is that Galole and Bura will likely face an axe since they do not meet the required threshold for them to be constituencies.


This should not be a shocker because in 2010 there was a review of constituency led by Andrew Ligale commission and both Bura and Galole made up to the list of constituencies with lesser population. For a constituency to meet the threshold it has to have a population of higher or lower than its quota by 40 percent for cities and 30 percent for other areas. The quota is arrived by the 290 constituencies in the country.

In Galole and Bura for example by 2013 it had a population of 60,866 and 82,545 respectively. This was far way short of required. The next census will be done on March 24 and 25 on 2019 but I bet these 2 constituencies will be able to meet the minimum threshold required. In 2012 the minimum threshold was set at 133,000 but by 2020 it should be expected to rise since there is growth in population.

Some MPs are already fighting the IEBC move from wiping their constituency but this time round their will be no sparing as the law is clear. In 2012 the said constituencies were shielded because of a clause which stated:

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Section 27 (4) of the Transitional and Consequential provisions states, “The boundary commission shall ensure that the first review of constituencies undertaken in terms of constitution shall not result in the loss of a constituency existing on the effective date

According to information from IEBC is that in the second review (2020) there will be no protection at all. These constituencies will cease to exist. They also include Lamu East, Lamu West, Voi, North Horr, Wundanyi, Mwatate among others.

Now imagine Galole being wiped from existence. If this happen we could end up with Garsen constituency and maybe…Burage constituency. We could end up having either both constituency being merged or one could be split into two.

I urge our people and our leaders to embrace their identity or we could end up being strangers in our own land.



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