TUSA Sec Gen Message To Education Stakeholders


It is with great joy that found me putting down this into words this fine morning. Allow me to singularly and collectively, to humbly, as the Secretary General of TUSA to take this opportunity to acknowledge and express gratitude to the following:

  1. Thanks to the Almighty- creator of all, for giving us the strength and wisdom to the success of the saturday’s event. To thank Him for journey mercies, health and courage all of which were important and necessary for success in our event.
  2. Hon. Mama Rehema for the great respect and honor she’s accorded me from the very beginning. The commitment the honorable County Woman Representative has shown towards our education is such a motivation and privilege given the reasoning that such hasn’t been a priority from long ago. From mobilising, facilitating, keen follow-ups amongst others, Mama we acknowledge and appreciate. Thanks a million. You’re truly not only a mother to your kids but mum to our County- 004. Bless you.
  3. Tana Child Initiative, through the Chair- Mr. Dhadho Omar, for accepting us as their own and working with us towards the goal in common, MTOTO MBELE. Your presence in this whole affair is an encouragement to our youths in the County- 004. We’re assured of a brighter future having such a strong base as parents. What shall I say! Baraka.
  4. Our iconic and honchos in education, Hon. Rehema Hassan, Dr. Babusa, Hae Makorani, Wakili Hiribae, Mr. Dhadho, we’re really inspired by you guys. Keep the good work people.
  5. To our patron, Mr. Edward Mungatana, for believing in us, for the empowerment you’ve always instilled in us, for believing, supporting and nurturing us as youths, gratitude sir!
  6. Last but not the least, Tana University Students Association, TUSA the struggle is real. Let’s live to our motto, It’s a new dream! 004. Yes it is, a dream to make our County future’s generations fly from higher to higher!, for at least, if we believe then we can achieve. As our honorable Mama Rehema puts it, Education for a brighter future, and so do I reiterate, education is the main key to life that wealth and wisdom flows out of it. In Nelson Mandela words, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ,therefore, my brothers and sisters, do I say, let’s work as one in upping our educational levels as a county- Tana-river- County 004.
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Secretary General-TUSA,
Komora Brian.


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