More Suffering For Tana River Residents As Assembly Opts To Pass Half Budget


The governor of Tana River County has refused to sign the appropriation bill which was recently passed by the MCA’s of Tana River County . The governor refused to pass the bill because it has some problems which needs to be rectified. The governor insists that the county government has no money to run all the projects that the MCA feels they need to have.

As a result the MCA have proposed to pass atleast half the budget so that they can pay County workers salaries and run the county offices and County assembly administrations.

It should be noted that other counties have passed their budgets as early as June. In Tanariver county we are stil struggling to pass the budgets over two months late.

On the other hand the governor has assured the people that all is well as there are alot of projects which have kicked off as others are to be implemented in the near future. The governor has pleaded with the County Assembly to work with him so as to attain the dreams of Tanarians.

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Speaking in parliament last Thursday, the budget committee chairman, mikinduni ward Mca. Mr. Buya said that because of some issues to be sorted out in the budget, the assembly needs to run therefore the assembly should pass half of the budget so that the county executive will be able to pay their workers salaries and run the offices, he further claimed that the county assembly will benefit from the same as they will also be able to perform their duties, he said the budget committee needs to drink, dress and be able to be smart for them to perform their duties well.

Kinakomba MCA speaking at County Assembly

From this, it’s simply putted that the assembly doesn’t mean well for the common mwananchi who needs developments.


  1. What do you mean by telling the mwananchi that the commitee need to eat,drink and dress smart. Open your eyes people of Tana.


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