Croatia’s President Kolindar Grabar-Kitarović Half Naked Pictures

Social media has been awash with randy images allegedly of Croatia’s president Kolindar Grabar-Kitarović decked out in a bikini.
When Pokomo Magazine  saw those photos shared by  online propagandists, we had our doubts so we set out to do our research on the authenticity of the steamy photos.
Our research has yielded a disturbing, stark truth: Those photos are not her but buxom American socialite Coco Austin.
They are a shamelessly mysoginistic campaign waged by those keen on advancing a toxic narrative that women cannot ascend to the highest echelons of power and human endeavour without flaunting their naked bodies.
Sad that the narrative is being championed by old, pot-bellied geezers with daughters. Very sad!
Her Excellency Madam President is the first female President and the youngest to have assumed power in 2015 at the age of 45 years.
She has been attending all matches involving her nation and she make sure that she hug all players whenever they won as a symbol of celebration and appreciation for their job well-done.
Maybe today the likes Luka Modriç and rakatiç may pool a surprise and crush the overrated African Union (France) to enjoy one final of the season from the President.


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