MPs world cup Benchmarking is waste of public fund

nominated senator millicent omanga

This bench-marking joke is being taken too far by MP’s and Senators. I can understand if the government paid for the CS Sports or a Kenyan official from the football association or the CAF or continental football hierarchy to represent Kenya’s interests (if they could be justified at the World Cup), but what the hell are the 14 MPs and 6 senator doing in Russia on tax-payers money? where some Kenyans in Turkana  can only watch it in pubs because they cannot afford Pay TV,  just to attend the World Cup tournament and have a “firsthand experience in hosting international tournaments?”

At least Currently, an economy class air ticket is retailing at about Ksh400,000. According to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission ceiling of December 2014, lawmakers in Russia should receive a daily per Diem of Sh86,200 (for 16 days?). A single ticket to watch the World Cup final this Sunday will cost around $2,500 ( Sh250,000)
Meaning our 20 leaders will consume more than 60M!

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If they listen to sports minister Mr Rashid Achesa who said “We were invited but opted out. It is too expensive and a waste of money… Many others are in Russia but they may have traveled on their own,”

The 60 million -at the minimum – could have been spent in improving sports talent in Kenya. We have stadiums around the country that are used for grazing cows, our athletes going for competitions without proper uniforms and running shoes because someone stole the money, talent in schools not being nurtured to invest in sports.

Among the 20 MPs bench-marking for Harambee stars in Russia are Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga, Siaya Senator and majority leader James Orengo, Sports chair committee Victor Munyaka, Sylvanus Maritim, Peter Kaluma, Wafula Wamunyinyi, Kakamega Senator Cleopha Malala, Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruyiot and Nominated Senator Judy Pareno.

Senate Clerk and Parliamentary Service Commission Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jeremiah Nyegenye, said that the Legislators ride to Russia is hot a holiday but a chance for them to understand to host such international tournaments. Yet they fail to facilitate hosting of just CHAN.


Whoever approved and sanctioned the trip should be made to account….we cannot have our hard earned money wasted like this.
This is shameless, sheer madness and totally unacceptable.





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