How can I build my relationship and still have my personal devotion. Please advice


Love is a commitment. It’s not for boys but for men. It is not selfish but thinks of the other person. The government is wise it won’t allow its citizens to drive on the road unless they have obtained the knowledge in a driving school, qualified and have a license to prove it. But it’s so unfortunate that we drive our relationships with no proper knowledge. We value properties but not our interactions with others, the end result is broken hearts, pains and regrets. Some who were once polite and calm are turned into monster and detectives by their partners. People don’t only need knowledge but also wisdom because knowledge which isn’t being exercised is equal to stupidity. After graduating from a driving school one becomes a driver, applying what they learnt in the classroom. Be wise and seek counsel.

The following is a conversation between the author and someone who sought anonymity. But I will choose the name Mary to identify her.


Mary: Good Afternoon and Praise the Lord. I need your advice on something please. During friendship building how can you be able to ensure that you don’t consume your Personal time for fellowship with God (devotion) since the friendship is a Long distance and the only time that we always have for sharing is in the evening. How can you still retain the sharing (it mainly involves friendship building and Sharing God’s Word) and still ensure that you have Personal devotion with ua Maker??? Advice Please.


In a day there’s 24 hours on your disposal. It seems you do have your devotion in the evening and it’s the same time you build your relationship. You need to do some adjustments.There’s a lot of time with you. There is the morning time before you begin your daily run. Management of time is what we are talking about here. It is a matter of priority. Talk to your partner and see how you are going to do this. He has to support you in this. Let say you do the devotion in the morning then friendship building in the evening

Mary: Ooh Wow!!! What a Great enlightenment there!!! Thanks so much so Much.

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Solomon Ade: welcome

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