former tana river governor ambassador hussein dado

The former tana river governor his Excellency ambassador Hussein Tuneya Dado who was the jubilee gubernatorial candidate during the last (2017) general election has gained a new feather which makes him to fly across the county and Kenya at large. We the pokomo magazine would like to congratulate him for that his appointment as C.A.S in the devolution ministry, given that he is a tanarian we celebrate him for it is an honor to us, Hongera Mheshimiwa. Hussein Dado is a respected Tanarian leader and he will be in records books as the first governor of Tana River we shall always remember him. No one will erase this, “during his term as a governor, there were no ethno-clashes in tana”.

He planned to reclaim back his crown, which he lost to the current governor His Excellency Major (rtd) Dhadho Godhana Gadhae during the last general election. I know he is a man of his ways but I don’t know whether he will achieve this dream come 2022. I know he will attract even the disorganized opposition party Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), but to me fronting his candidature equals to commiting sucide. it’s like planning to fight alshaabab using Thunder flash as your bombs and blanks  bullets as your bullets, or trying to touch an elephants tail. He will be automatically crushed if he doesn’t plan well or better he doesn’t try. I know he will join the ‘Tanga Tanga movement’ hoping that   he will win.


From his past records I don’t think he will win with various reasons, here are some of them

  1. His past development records

When the likes of governors H.E Dr. Afred Mutua and others were in front pages for their good performance governor Dado was nowhere to be seen, I know some of his handlers will defend him that he built the laza road and garsen market, but can you compare it with the more than 24 KM governor Alfred Mutua, Governor Amason Kingi and Governor Salim Mvuria that they did? Can you compare the Garsen Market with the Malindi and Kilifi market done by Kingi?

Hussein Dado failed to upgrade the Gamba-Wema-Sailon-Kitere road, the Tarassaa-Oda-Chara road, theWitu-Kipini road, Hola-Bura (feeder road). He marrumed the road from cattle dip in Garsen to the river which is used by livestock, does it mean he valued the animals more than us human beings?

While other governors were deeply involved in major project in there counties, Hussein Dado his main focus was on fence construction.

  1. His era was a tribalistic

Apart from what the audio from  Pokomo Magazine which was able to record and pressent to you ,where the current governor was telling off the former governor not to use government relief food for the flood victims as a  political campaign tool .Mr. Hussein Dado then created a murramed  cut off road from Tarasaa to oda (his home village) isolating golbanti.He then started another cut off from the Malindi-Garsen road  to connect to the earlier mentioned road to isolate Tarasaa but the intiative was stopped after Tarasaa people took to the streets. Why did he venture into this unimaginable project, he wanted to isolate development to pokomo villagies  (Tarasaa and Golbanti) he should have opt the monies to Tarmac the Tarasaa-Golbant-Oda.

  1. Fighting his critics
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The former governor failed  to understand that you could not silent your critics by putting them behind bars but  simply by  silencing them  through development plans. He should have worked  on the areas identified by his critics for example President Uhuru Kenyatta did not put Hon Raila Odinga and other opposition leaders behind bars when he was criticized of corrupt governance, he simply sacked the implicated ministers mentioned.  Mr. Dado arranged the arrest of about five vocal youth (the likes of Abdulmalik Marwan, Gwiyo Kwaraa aka Mandela, Osman Mohamed aka Buda flan this arouse the anger cause they were speaking the voice of many oppressed Tanarians till the nicknamed him “dictator”. The people have not forgotten this.

  1. He never facilitated youth programs

For the five years he was in power only once tana river participated in county competition which was held at Kilifi county while other counties never missed, while other counties had county leagues Tana River didn’t have that, what’s comes to the mind of many youth is that he didn’t care about them, do you think they will care about him come 2022.

  1. 5. His online hecklers

During 2017 campaigns all aspirants various strategies to woe voters one of them is social media, I had problem with some of his campaigners especially Nyanyura Dube who moved from one platform to another platform insulting people, in one instant he calls Amina Dika “MALAYA” and he also used other words which I could used them here. These leaders they used to insult have followers who were angered this, they are still looking for opportunity to punish the sender and that’s will be in 2022.

  1. 6. Division in Oromo’s

As he is planning his comeback already the Bura Member of Parliament Hon. Ali Wario Fayya and former Galole Member of   Parliament Hassan Dukicha have declared their interest, without forget Hon.   Jilo Algi. Now let us imagine the ormas fronting three candidates for the gubernatorial seat what will be expected outcome? No need to answer this.







  1. Tribal politics has no place in present Kenya. A mature politician will not have the guts to sideline some of citizens on tribal lines. Its high time such politicians are shown the door.


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