Tana River County Governor, H.E Major (rtd) Dhadho Godhana

Yes the governor won the 2017 general election even the high court validate his victory, those who are all over social media trying to undermine his authority should lick their wounds for the remaining period of his first term.

It’s the wish, hope and prayers of a sitting leader try to do his best in order to win his second term but I don’t see this happening to him because he started on a wrong foot, here are my main reasons why I say that, you are allowed to disagree with me.

  1. Appointing of Marrianroon as his political advisor

The governor may have chosen to appoint this lady, maybe because he felt she would not be a competitor come 2022 as she would be vying for women rep seat again, but alas he is wrong. Infact it may end up being one of his big ‘L’ in his appointments. Let me take you back, (they say history repeats it’s self) during Hussein Dado time. Hussein Dado appointed Ali Hashaka (his kinsman) the current Garsen constituency member of parliament as the county spokesman, and also lobbied for Hon. Dr. Nur Abdi the former Bura constituency Member of parliament to be the Tana River county speaker who later became his competitor as per the Irdida-Bertuma agreement.

When the election period approached Ali Hashaka and Nur joined together knowing Hussein Dados weaknesses and turned against him. This is the same way am predicting on  this lady. She  will turn against the governor and align herself with her tribes men thinking she will win the women representative seat coming 2022. Before we forget her online strategists (bloggers) Abdulmalik Marwan, Farhan Bile (icon), Suleiman (Batmash philanthropist), Mohammed Mustafa ( Dkt Hajji) and others who campaigned for her are already the governors critics. My friend you’re not getting the bigger picture, she may (not sure) leak crucial information from the current government and governor to feed to these bloggers which might contribute to his ouster coming 2022 elections.

  1. Appointing of Moses Nalwa as his personal assistant (P.A)
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I also fail to understand why he appoints a fallen Sirisia Member of Parliament candidate as his personal assistant while many of our counties learned fellows move around jobless. The Luhya man chosen to serve the county in the capacity of a PA to the governor is busy strategizing and campaigning for 2022 at his backyard sirisia on his facebook page forgetting his responsibilities on the position that he is currently serving. Now connect the dots, the person is appointed to be the governors aider to serve Tanarians but his heart is not with the tana people, he is busy doing charity works with his foundation at sirisia in Luhya Land. Meaning the guy is not advising the governor well and also creating the impression that he is developing his backyard on the expense of our sweat. My friend you might be taking this lightly but this might come to haunt him come 2022.Take this to the bank.

  1. The Hola business community popularly known as the cartels.
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There is these groups of people whom we perceive have the governor’s ears, they move from one social media platform to another trying to defend the governor, they even sometimes use vulgar language. These ‘governor handlers’ should learn how to respond to critics in fact the, governor should silence critics by his development track record. The internet does not forget, come 2022 all the links and screenshots will be displayed.

  1. Following his predecessor steps.

As much the governor is trying to monitor every coin spent which I personal congratulate him but we have nothing to smile about in terms of socio economic development. Just try to compare Kilifi County where tarmac roads are being constructed everywhere. Makueni County where they are now producing their own mango juice and processing their own milk. If the current governor followed the same steps as the former governor by not taking development seriously, he might not see the doors of the county statehouse come 2022. The governor should embark on developing this county, if he constructs the Tarasaa-Odah-chara road, the Gamba-Wema-sailoni-Kitere road, and the Witu-Kipini road he will automatic redeem free bonga points as votes from the mention areas, he should revive all fishponds which were constructed during the economic stimuli program, he should invest in tourism, build a middle level collage, etc if not voters will punish him by not voting in him come 2022.

  1. The fight between the governor and the speaker.

I watched the long speech of the county speaker when he lamented that his relationship with the county boss is good and that Tana bloggers a speculating about it.  I don’t  want to be among the rumor mongers at the same time I won’t pretend to be blind, the writings are on the wall I think it’s the third time the MCAs are not approving governor appointees, why all this? In the national parliament when Mps and Senators are trying to dilly dully the jubilee initiative in the parliament the speaker (s) just invite the president and the deputy president in a  30 minutes session and everything is ironed out so that bills and appointments a passed. That is a different case, the speaker controls the county assemble but he does nothing to save the county boss. Kwan what’s is not happening, honestly are they not reading from the same page?




  1. I’m with you specifically n0. 4,… and to add on this list he should mend the Malanchini & Wantu Wa Dzuu differences and SHARE the cake. Otherwise i feel HTD shared more than him as per now. Just being truthful


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