Two Powerful Ways To Break Harmful Habits In Your Life


Life is always a struggle. We desire to get rid of our bad habits of which sometimes become difficult. No matter our attempts we find ourselves succumbing again to the very same thing we hate. It might be smoking, alcohol addition, masturbation, pornography or any habit that you detest.

Well, am here to explain something very important in plain language before I get to the solution. The human entity is made up of the body, soul and the spirit. The body is the outer part or cover we see, the soul (the middle man) is the seat of emotions, will and mind, while the spirit is the morality principle, it distinguishes what is bad and good. It loves God.

The elements which make us human belong to the soul. Feelings and thinking bank are in the soul. They say the battle is in the mind. Once you conquer it, you have conquered the whole man. Thus why the bible says he who wins the soul is wise. No wonder the illuminati’s mission also is to win and cage the human soul to bring it into destruction especially through the entertainment industry. So the soul is very important.


My focus therefore is on the soul. The mind which is in the soul is composed of conscious, subconscious and unconscious. What we hear and see currently gets into the conscious. For instance when watching an obscene (pornographic) movie the conscious get aware of every detail.

The subconscious is incharge of our recent memories, the movie you watched in the morning will be in your subconscious even in the evening. But what keeps repeating in your conscious pass through the subconscious, and finally gets into the unconscious and this is dangerous. We become what we constantly hear and see. Because the unconscious controls our habits.

Therefore once the unconscious have what you have been feeding it for long. It controls your behaviour which inturn becomes your habit. Remember the conscious only gives orders, but the unconscious carry out and guides your actions. If it’s a computer then the unconscious is the hard disk drive, and the conscious the keyboard that command data into the monitor which is finally stored into the hard disk. It’s gabbage in gabbage out; because the unconscious produce what it has been given.

The unconscious receive the data from the conscious through the subconscious, then interpret it to make information and give the output which is the action. Therefore this is what makes you stuck in that habit. You are a drug addict but you’re finding it difficult to quit why? Because your hard disk is used to smoke, it gives out what it receives. It is the long term storage place for all your smoking memories and experiences. It has virus.


Now, to break from a habit isn’t as simple as that. The soul is directly involved here because all these happens in the soul. Whoever wins the soul is wise. However it is possible to quit a harmful habit.

  • First, what to do is to have a change in lifestyle. Change the source of your information. Be in control of what you see and hear because these senses informs your actions.

Let me give an example, when you are addicted to pornography abstain from hearing and seeing any sensual content. Change the company of people who are into it. Avoid visiting areas and sites which may be a stumbling block. However this requires a high degree of discipline.

  • Secondly, since your hard disk drive (unconscious) is infected with virus(harmful data), then to overcome you have to install an antivirus, here am talking about God. He created us and only Him can fix us. Draw close to Him, increase your prayers and He will empower your spirit which is moral; it detest immoral and harmful habits. When your spirit is activated by God it is so powerful to help you move on the moral side of situations. Through this you shall emerge an overcomer of yourself- “jishinde Ushinde.”



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