Women, I would like to point to you some beautiful jewelries you need to adorn yourselves with, leave alone the ones you like to put on, yet you don’t look beautiful. There are some ornaments the women of the old used to put which makes them beautiful and irresistible and these are the ones I would like to introduce to you.

Peter in the 1st century was aware how women are fond of decorating themselves with excesses. Putting new hairstyles some imported from Brazil just to look beautiful. Buying big jewelries and hanging them around their necks, some hold the neck so tight, and the interesting thing most women uses body enhancement to charm men, their husbands and boyfriend to stick to them. They do all this in a bid to look attractive and win the love of the men in their lives.

However Peter was concerned because women are too busy using the wrong ornaments. They are too busy on things which least matters in making their Marriages work.

Infact jewelries and makeup don’t make you beautiful, they are corruptible, once you wash your face the make up is gone, it perishes. You now look on your real face. Peter tells the women.The lotions and perfume you apply on your body also vanishes with time, the sweet odour go away and the real,rotten and bad smell of your character pops up. You become irritating and dumb before your man.


Women are so much obsessed about their outward beauty forgetting the hidden inner beauty. The real person from within that never fades. So Peter doesn’t advocate for all the ornaments focused on the body. He gives us something incorruptible. Ornaments which last. Even the ornament of meek and quiet spirit which is more beautiful and lasting.

The other word for meek is gentle. Now gentle in the original greek it’s “Prautes” the ability to bear blame or rebuke without bitterness and resentment; the ability to provide a soothing influence on someone who is in a state of anger. To be humble.

A meek woman faces opportunities to react in anger or to get upset, but she has chosen to be controlled, forgiving, and gentle. She doesn’t shout at her husband with anger no Matter what. In a conflict when her husband fumed, she provide a soothing influence on him.

That is a wise woman, adorning herself with the right ornament of meekness. She keeps quiet, and gives a gentle, soft answer that turns the wrath of her husband away. She’s doesn’t give harsh words, because she knows will stir more the anger.

A wise woman has a quiet spirit; knows how to maintain calmness. She doesn’t speak loudly as she knows how to control her emotions, she is not noisy. She is mature emotionally. She doesn’t fight her husband verbally. She remains still when her husband is high in anger. She control her tongue and maintain peace. She respect and trust the judgement of her husband.

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Putting on these ornaments a woman becomes more beautiful to her husband. Infact the man find it difficult to leave the house. The home become a safe place to relax after a stressful day

A meek woman isn’t weak as some think. A woman who has quite spirit is wise. The feminist tries to poison women that being in that character is foolishness.They agitate women to be rude and to question the judgements of their husbands. Nothing hurts a man than when his wife doesn’t believe in him. A woman that is quarrelsome, who doesn’t know how to control her emotions, ruins her Marriage.

The moment your husband gets angry with you, ask yourself why? Mostly it has to do with respect. Check your movements. He doesn’t want respect he needs it. Even if there’s nothing to respect and praise, just do it. Give encouraging words to him. Lift his spirit and praise him.

I have problem with the independent stuff some women try to show. The word independent mean self-standing or free. It’s good to be independent financially, as you will be in position to take care of little expenses  without disturbing your man. However this independent thing has limitations as the man can exercise his leadership role in the house and determine how the both of you shall use your finances. Be gentle in such a situation, be humble. Have one vision with your man. Don’t insist on having your own account contrary to his wish. Be in subjection to him.

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Don’t show to your husband that you’re too independent and working class to be taught. It’s an insult to his manhood. This is being proud to him, contrary to the ornament of meekness.

Naturally men have the tendency to teach, therefore despising his knowledge and abilities, is being rude to him. Even when you disagree on a justifiable grounds do it gently. Just humble yourself. The best thing a woman can do is tell her husband “teach me more honey, I need to hear more from you.” To possess the ornaments of meekness and quiet spirit you have to kill pride.

The independent stuff of wanting to do things the way you want should not exist. You are the helper and the man is the one who runs the show. He is the lord of the house. Not to bossy you around but to carry the load of the family, so offer the facilitation.

In conclusion a gentle soul overcome hardship and conflicts. It averts divorce. A quiet spirit is powerful to maintain peace in the house. He who tame her tongue to keep situation calm is capable to control all areas of her life. Such saves her Marriage from collapsing.


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