It’s so unfortunate that we are busy looking for solutions where we shouldn’t. We invest where we won’t reap. Let’s be sincere here, because this is what is making Africa to lag behind interms of development. We are the enemies of our own progress.

It’s undebatable and undeniable fact that African’s land carries a lot of wealth. Talk of minerals we have them, in talents and gifts don’t even go there we produce superstars. But we lack something very important. It’s the spirit of connection and self promotion.

Now, let’s learn something about the Jews. This people are amazing. They know success and how to make it not as individuals only but as a group. These people have connection and self promotion attitude. In the Talmud (source of the Jewish law) there is this principle that “All of Israel are responsible for each other.” very powerful.

The principle has two meanings. But let’s focus on the second one which it implies that all Jews must care for each other by making sure that all Jews basic needs are met. This is what keeps them on the top. In 2017 the nobel Prizes awarded to 892 individuals, 201 of them were Jews. These people don’t even make 1% of the world’s population. But they promote each others welfare.


Mark Zuckerberg promoted Sheryl Sandberg who’s a fellow Jew to be the chief operating officer of Facebook. They met at a Christmas party in 2007. He got impressed and considered her the “perfect person for the role”. He promoted a person from his own nation.

In Africa it’s different. We don’t promote each other especially in my county Tana River. We are selfish, we despise those we know they are talented, we don’t endorse them. They say familiarity breeds contempt. But we have the audacity and the temerity to elevate others above our own. When we hear Otile Brown is coming, we get ready to sell even our phones inorder to meet the entry fee. We are just possessed by what others have forgetting our own. This is wickedness.

Let’s emulate the Jews. Let us be responsible for each other. Promoting each others welfare. But instead of doing this we fight each other for supremacy. We get jealousy when we realize one of us is gifted and has potential to do something better than us. We rather destroy them and praise outsiders.

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There are people who are so gifted in Tana River but we don’t support them. We run away from our county once we made it in life and forget others. We are so selfish. We think about ourselves only. We don’t appreciate what we have instead we criticize.

You tell someone ” just see how this person from home is gifted, can you hear his songs, take a look of their movie, these people are doing great” and the response you will get, it’s just disappointing. He will criticize and criticize till you will wonder, is he not part of us. Is he really one of us? It’s so shameful that we are engrossed and attracted to foreign than our local things. We don’t love our sisters and brothers. We don’t support their dreams but we put off the candle of their hope.Even though they say a prophet isn’t welcomed in his home town  let us welcome and encourage our own. Let us praise them so that they become what they are striving to be.


There is a Swahili saying that goes “ukiona vyaelea ujue vimeundwa” (If you see vessels afloat, remember they have been built.) Let us built our own vessels. Let’s create platform and nurture talents in our own county. Let’s support our own.

The superstars we see now were once nobodys. But they were endorsed and supported by their people. Therefore ladies and gentlemen, we can progress only when we support each other’s dream. Creating networks to connect ourselves to helpful platforms .

To those who have affluence in the society please don’t give us money rather help us to catch and make that money. Connect us in places we will also make it. Don’t run away now that you have wealth but come home to help others. Don’t send to us Majuto and other celebrities, come home and nurture us, so that we become the people we wanted to be. In this way we will create value of ourselves and people outside will have to pay to see us.



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