Shock​ ​In​ ​Kinakomba​ ​As​ ​Teens​ ​Caught​ ​Fulfilling​ their ​​’Conjugal​ ​Rights’​


Residents of Kinakomba Ward, Tana River County were shocked when a 17 years old boy and a 16 years old girl were caught in a ​’kichanjale’​ hut by two men at around midnight in ​’action’

The Pokomo Magazine is yet to confirm the whereabouts of the two though reliable sources are leading us to believe that the  lads are in the house of the boy’s parents.

The boy denied that he was doing the  act while the girl admitted it leading to her father’s order to get them married.

It is said that the two dropped out of school (primary) more than a year ago though nobody revealed the reasons behind their dropping out of school. The two have been ​‘lovers’ for a very long time and turned the ​‘kichanjale’ hut initially meant to cater for the shelter of the victims of the current Tana River floods into a leisure lodge.

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The two got married forcefully. Is this right for the parents to marry them off or should it be considered as a ‘defilement’ of their rights to Education and Early Marriage.

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  1. I believe they were testing waters but this this is not right. They rate at which our society morals is decaying is so alarming. The media is to be blamed. It contributes over 70% of moral decay through promotion of pornographic materials in terms of Music Video among others.

    I rest my case in advising parent to get the children back to school.

  2. This is so bad. We’re lagging behind simply because of such acts. Those concerned should face the hands of law .


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