They say characterize people by their actions, and you will never be fooled by their words. Major (rtd) Godhana has lived up to confirm this in his political career, infact he has proven without reasonable doubt that he is the true leader of the Tanarians.

Give me a man of valour who has the interest of those under his care and I will show you a true leader that has laid his life to safeguard those he love. A leader cannot be praised by what he says but what he does. Godhana has stood to be the outstanding one.

Let me take you back. In 2012 Dhadho Godhana was by then the assistant Livestock Minister and Galole MP,  he was arrested in connection with incitement to violence in the southeastern Tana Delta. The leader stood confidently without fear of intimidation to speak the truth even when his counterparts in Garsen and Bura kept quiet. He indeed fumed some words in the media that were taken to be inciting more violence. In a nutshell the retired major said “if this matter isn’t going to be well investigated then the clash will just continue”. He knew there were some political personalities who were behind it. He risked his life to speak on behalf of the innocent people who were being killed in cold blood.

He pointed an accusing finger at the then Defence and acting Internal Security minister Yusuf Haji. “I am ready to be investigated but investigate the minister even more,” Major (Rtd) Godhana said. A very defiant leader, not a respeter of man but stands for what he believes is right. We need this kind in Tana River.

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He is back again as the governor ready to unleash he’s potentials. He has already banned conferences outside Tana River County to save costs. Now he has underway plans to construct county hotels with swimming pools to attract visitors and revenues.

The governor has started to straighten things which were not done in the previous regime. It’s as if devolution has started now in Tana River. He is tirelessly working. He is now renovating the Hola referral hospital which looked like a museum and he did that also to some county offices.

The previous government messed a lot. Debts and  Corruption was at the peak in those ended 5years. Now that Godhana has taken the top seat in the county, he has embarked on a mission to restore sobriety.

In January 9th 2018, the governor sought partnership with the University of Nairobi in tackling the challenges facing his county. Such challenges include poverty, environmental degradation and food security. In response the university agreed to work together with the county to develop staff, offer consultancies on environment, agriculture among others sectors and help the county in overcoming the challenges of poverty.


The competency of the governor is unquestionable. In January 5th, 2018 The Malindi law court upheld the validity of his degree and fined the petitioner sh.2 million cost. Lady Justice Asenath Ongeri ruled that  the rtd major was qualified to vie for governor in Tana River county.

Governor Dhadho Godhana outside the Malindi law court after his degree was upheld as valid

The governor needs support from other elected public offices to effect his development plans. It is barely less than a year since he ascended the governor’s seat  and people have started talking ill about him. Tanarians had unrealistic expectations when they elected him.Whenever he is in his Hola town office, residents and people seeking employment for themselves or relatives throng his office. According to them they have the right be employed since they voted him into the position. This is unrealistic because he won’t employ everyone and we know that. Moreover qualifications matters as well as protocols.

It is said that the need to have someone is felt in his absence. This is exactly what happened in the past 5 years. But people will never learn. The very “Simba wa Tana” they endorsed, now they want him out of office coming the year 2022. We expect too much from people and when things backfires we get hurt and start apportioning blames.


In one of our meetings with the minister of Education, culture, gender and sports. He revealed that the governor through his ministry, he’s planning for scholarship programs. They would love also to offer full sponsorship to medical students who hails from Tana River so that immediately after completion they come back, get employed and assist the county. The governor has been issuing bursaries too under the push up special program.

The governor once aired his county development plans in a documentary shown live in K24 at around 6:50pm. I watched at him and I could see a determined leader, who is ready to effect his plans. A man who has passion and the interest of his people at heart. However I noted something very important-he needs cooperation. Those working under him shouldn’t undermine neither frustrate his efforts.

The true colour of someone is revealed with time. Time is a good tester that can distinguishes who is real and who is fake and pretender. It is early to judge the man. The county budget has not even been read. Let us wait and see as months unfolds to years the true leadership of Governor Gadae Godhana will be seen in him. He is a man of his word. A man of actions. I salute him.


  1. Tana river needs a leader not a politician, I’ve always said that the retired major is a piece that was missing all along, we can throw jibes, we can question his qualities and academic qualifications but true be said this man will take Tana to the next level.

    • Why don’t you join the team of writers n show your capabilities to write articles n not press statements genius.

  2. Comment:
    Thank you for seeing the sense of giving him time. incase he won’t perform well in this 5 years we have no other option but to send him home


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