Reasons Why Pokomo Unity Will Die Come 2022 – Season 1


I must admit that being backed up by tribal unity is the key to winning any political seat in Tana River County and Kenya at large. Not all winners of elections are politically smart in the county. You will find out that some political leaders are in the position they hold because of mere endorsements by elders of their tribes. What am I trying to say here? Winning an election in Tana River without a back up by unity of your tribesmen is almost impossible!

The current Tana River County governor is a product of the same, not mentioning Galole MP Said Buya Hiribae and several others. It’s the Pokomo unity that actually made them leaders including other factors like political ability and financial muscle. However, the Pokomo unity is on it’s deathbed and will eventually die just before 2022 because of the following factors;

1. Divisions among Pokomos.

Pokomos that initially had nothing against governor Godhana are now divided with different views and opinions regarding the ability and zeal that he posses towards transforming the county to the level everybody thought and expected with a large chunk of them already regretting casting their ballots in his favour on 8/8.


These divisions are creating platforms for the Pokomo gubernatorial aspirants who failed to get endorsed or win, persuading members of the Pokomo Nation(Gasa Included) that endorsing or electing governor Godhana was a bad decision and it’s them who should have been given the chance. Come 2022 the divisions will lead to at least two gubernatorial aspirants because we do not expect governor Godhana to step down(Automatic endorsement). We also expect the group/gasa against Godhana endorse their own aspirant which will definately result to the death of pokomo unity.

2. Dado’s political rivalry
Since Dado was kicked out of the governor’s office we expect him to fight the Pokomo unity which was key to his failure to retain the county’s top seat. Among other things we expect him to bring on board are Pokomo aspirant whose sole role is to fetch a portion of the Pokomo votes. The aspirant will be fully funded to campaign in Pokomo populated areas. As a result some voters will support this aspirant because of his financial muscle. He/she will actually buy/influence the decision of the people thus killing the Pokomo unity.


3. The fall of the Gasa
The Gasa which play a key role in making sure the unity of the pokomos is intact often face opposition and sometimes divisions. In some cases you will found out that a section of the Gasa endorse aspirant X and another section endorse aspirant Y. This is expected to be rampant in 2022 because every aspirant is aiming at getting endorsed as it is the only way to winning any election. Aspirants will bribe sections of the Gasa to endorse them leading to a situation where the Gasa unity declines and therefore cannot bring the pokomo unity on board thus leading to the end of it.



  1. A premature analysis, poorly researched article, laced with heart-wrecking conjectures. To claim the governor hasn’t done enough when we’re hardly in the third quarter of the first year of his term in office is sheer display of naivety.

    I would urge caution against misplaced sentiments, as long term ‘development’ isn’t about dishing out handouts. Tana River County needs a focused, issues based, results oriented governor more than it needs tribal kingpins.

    Indeed, H.E. Dhadho Godhana is steering both the implementation of the strategic plan and the wheel of development incredibly well considering the many challenges the county faces. We may share varied opinions at different aspects of leadership, but on matters raised in this article – let’s hold our guns a little longer and offer the governor moral and emotional support.

    • Thank you for your comment. I would still urge you to reread the post understand it and then come back and comment. The article has not at any point mentioned that governor Godhana is not suitable for the job but pokomos have been divided with different views on if he can bring development to the extent everyone expects.

      Don’t just comment so that someone somewhere know you defend them. The aim of this article wasn’t to criticise anybody but to express ones opinion which you are free to disagree.

      Otherwise, if you are the Francis Malibe Hiribae, I wish you goodluck. All the best buddy!!

  2. All the same this article is very well researched and factually presented..any one who ignores what has been highlighted here may not be wishing good for the pokomo unity….I love the deputy president William Ruto….when he gets some alarming information about any of his ambitions even if is through the social media he doesnt sit back and allow his fanatacs to blackmail him that it is far fetched instead he will go head on to address the issues and clear the messes…that is what has made him to be who he is and that is why he will win the next election… But our people in pokomo land are totally the opposite….


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