The Origin Of The Kalindi People


Kalindi people are currently located around Oda Wachu region in Tana-delta region. They consider themselves as the first inhabitants of the Delta regions. They also believe the land from Shaka in Kipini region to Mahindini belongs to them. So, who are these people?

According to their own history, Kalindi people originated from Arabia regions. They lived in Pate and thrived until wars erupted and started moving westwards. They settled in Mungini, a place that was peaceful from wars. After years of settlements, war caught up with them and they decided to move further westwards under the leadership of Hidabo. (Hidabo was their chief, there is a hill in Lamu South named after him)

They travelled and settled at Shaka which is near current Kipini town. They chose this place since no one resided that area.

The Kalindi were divided into two sub-clan, Naboo settled in Shaka while the other clan remained at Hidabo.


The Kalindi lived in Shaka for quite a long time until some strangers came and wished to live with them. The leader of the pack was Fumo Liyongo himself. The Kalindi elders accepted and offered chief Fumo a land beyond Shaka. The land they were given later thrived and became Ozi.

The original Shaka belongs to the Kalindi and the Swahili Ozi people, the descendants of Fumo Liyongo.

The Kalindi later migrated and lived in Chara. The original Chara land was a fertile land near the sea. The soil yielded maximum cultivation. The Kalindi planted rice and used to kill hippo for meat. Although they lived a healthy life, Kalindi people never increased in number because they were constantly attacked by tropical diseases such as malaria as they lived in flood plain regions.



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