Simba Artafrica, The Hollawood Movies Master


Simba Artafrica is a Movie/Film and Music Production Media in Tana River.

Simba Artafrica in association with Great Haven Pictures and Great Haven Theatre Crew has done several movies/films such as;

  • Butterfly – In Love With Miss Mombasa(2014)
  • My Daughter(2015)
  • Sweet Lemon(2017)
  • Home in Hell(2018)

Among the well talented movie casts and crew include;

  • Jacob Simba – Director
  • Jonathan Buya – Camera
  • Manjula Ratina
  • Johnson Babwoya
  • Beatrice Katsaka
  • Maureen Buya
  • Jane Meiyian
  • Mariam Mwanzia
  • Samuel Dullu
  • Others

The recent movie produced by Simba Artafrica, Home is Hell talks of a girl named Jane whose life took a new path after her mum’s death. Her stepmother made her life unbearable which made Jane her find herself in the hands of two young men that turned Janes life to misery.

Below is the Official Trailer of Home is Hell by Simba Artafrica.

Watch the full movie ‘Home is Hell’ among other best Hollawood movies by visiting our Movies page. Pokomo Magazine, Transforming Tana River..

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