The POKOMO MAGAZINE some days ago was able to bring to you an exclusive viral audio where the current Governor Major (rtd) Dhadho Godhana warned the former Governor Amb. Hussein Dado not to use food ration donated by the National Government to the victims affected by floods as campaign tool.

With great concern, the Pokomo Magazine is keenly following the political happenings in the county and we noticed that its not only the Ormas who strategizing for the 2022 general election. Today, 23rd May 2018 at AJAB GUEST HOUSE (Garsen), there was a meeting where  Wardei top tycoons, scholars, elders, politicians and pundits were in attendants, we are not sure what they were actually planning but from what the pundits are posting on social media is likely that they were planning for 2022.

By the time this article was published, our texts were not replied and were not answered. Though there were about a hundred in that meeting, here is list of some of the prominent attendees that we were able to identify.

  1. Abdulmalik Bin Marwan (blogger)
  2. Osman Dolla ( scolar, youthleader, and politician)
  3. Khalif of Ajab family (business man)
  4. Mohamed Faiz (blogger)
  5. H E Buda Flani (blogger)
  6. Abdi Bille (politician)
  7. Ali Bule (politician)
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Recently we have seen the bloggers busy criticizing the current County Boss after there choice Hon. Dr. Nuh ‘alilamba lolo’ during the last general election. We are still expecting countless waves of attacks from them after today’s meeting. This is a plan to make sure that the governor looks incompetent in that come 2022 their candidate will be seen as the only right choice for the governor’s position. We are also expecting the tycoons to finance the community activities while the elders will be there to offer leadership.

The POKOMO MAGAZINE will be following this issue closely and will update our readers with the full details of the meeting. Below are pictures captured after the meeting.



  1. You are right about Jubilee and 2022 politics.Pokomos under Uhuruto government have never been empowered and given government appointments because even the few who were there during Kibakis time have been dropped prematurely.In the history of Kenya although pokomos votes has no national impact all governments recognised them from the one of Kenyatta and the peak was Mois government and even Kibaki never left them out of government but the two gentlemen have made history by ensuring that no Pokomo was given a national position and because of our lack of unity and focus as a community we have never raised our voice to register our protest in this abnormal happening since the independence of Kenya.Way forward is that although our vote is of no consequence in the nations basket of votes we should all you unite as a community and vote another party so that even if the party we voted in looses we drive the point home!

  2. Comment:i wish the current governor would go through your article word by word. Anyway, he will have himself to blame


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