Hussein Dado Goes Into Hiding After Being Criticized Openly Infront Of CS Wamalwa


In Tanariver we have seen politicians moving around the county using the government relief food program for the flood victims as a political tool. This has not gone well for everyone including governor Godhana who unfortunately has not been associated or invited in many of these program.

Among the politicians who have been seen using the food program for political mileage include Said Posta and his friend Hussein Dado. The political struggle has seen some of the beneficiary of the food program miss out relief food as only some people aligned to certain politician benefiting.

Said Posta and Hussein Dado using government relief food for political mileage

All this came to an end when when CS Eugene Wamalwa had a meeting between governor Godhana, Hussein Dado among others to discuss the Tanariver flood crisis and strategies on how they will come up with permanent solution on possible future crisis.

During the meeting, the governor broke loose and started critizing Hussein Dado for using the food program for political mileage. He accused the former governor for distributing relief food without informing the county government. He continued the accusations that Dado tells the media that he has invited him but failed to attend.

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On Hussein defence, he claims he works with the national government so he has moved in Marsabit, Moyale and Garissa to deliver relieve food yet he had no issues, but sadly in Tanariver he has never informed the Tanariver county government about his movement.

Hell broke loose when major Godhana started to point a finger to Hussein and warning him not to play with people’s lives with politics. This made CS Wamalwa intervene the heated debete.

Listen to the exclusive audio that Pokomo Magazine laid a hand on below.

      1. Hussein Dado criticised by major Godhana


It should also be remembered that before Eugene Wamalwa came, some politicians wanted to sabotage the coming of the CS by delivering the relieve food without his presence.

After the unfortunate embarrassing event, Dado went into hiding and never to be seen again the rest of the day. The relief food program went on as planned. The affected community went home with joy and they are now satisfied as food is abundant.



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