Half-Baked Galole MP Defends Himself For Poor Assembly Performance


By now you are aware of the viral list showing Members of Parliaments who have never uttered a single sentence on the 12th parliament. It is even more painful when you see your MP you voted for popping up on the list of shame.

Well, on the list Galole MP Said Buya Hiribae and his Bura counterpart Ali Wario found themselves mentioned on the list with the former being mute while the latter a bad debater.
This did not go well with Said Buya famously known as Said Posta. He went furious on his social media account claiming the revelation was fake. He even threatened to go ahead and seek redress on the media outlet which started spreading the rumours.

As Pokomo Magazine, we don’t trust or believe Githeri media so we dug deep into the parliament archives and what we found is shocking and disappointing. According to the Official digital report from Hansard recorded on 26th April 2018, the MP has only spoken once. This is what he had to say:

Asante sana, Mhe. Naibu Spika wa Muda, kwa kunipatia fursa hii. Jambo la kwanza kabisa, kwa sababu ni mara yangu ya kwanza kuzungumza hapa Bungeni ni kuwashukuru watu wa Galole kwa kunichagua. Pili, kwa sababu ya muda, vile unavyojua Kaunti ya Tana River kila wakati kuna janga la mafuriko ama ukame. Shida imetupata huko Tana River na imetuathiri sana. Hivi sasa, asilimia sabini ya kaunti yetu iko ndani ya maji. Nilitoka huko jana na watu wengi katika eneo Bunge langu katika wodi za Wayu, Mikinduni, Chewani na Kora wako ndani ya maji. Hivi sasa, watu wamezungukwa na maji na watu kumi na nne hawajulikani waliko. Kuna sehemu nyingi ambazo barabara pia zimeharibika. Tumepewa chakula kidogo na Serikali lakini hatujui vile chakula hicho kinaweza kuwafikia walioathirika. Tumepewa chopper na Serikali lakini imeharibika. Mpaka sasa watu wako kwa shida. Kwa hivyo, tunaomba kitengo cha Serikali kilichopewa nafasi hii wasaidie sehemu zilizoathirika katika kaunti ya Tana River.

Really, is that all? We tried to check for any other info that we might miss but that is all that we managed to get. So for now we can officially confirm that the MP has spoken, but is it worth it? From the information we have, the MP since he was elected back in August 2017, he has only talked about flood which has happened, 70 percent of Tanariver coutry land submerged under water (statistically it is a lie), roads which are destroyed after the rains (Which roads exactly is he talking about because Garsen to Bura roads have always been bad forever), Government already gave out food donation (meaning while the government was busy saving his constituency, he was busy counting his salary before feeling ashamed).

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And that was all!

From that day he has never talked again, we have no records of him anywhere talking about his people. What a shame! A half-baked member of parliament. Worst is that he ganged up with some politicians and hid himself under the hood of the government and started using the government food program for political mileage. The galoleans should wake up to see this.

All I know the Said Posta guy will just accumulate cash for the five years because he knows he won’t be an MP come 2022. The next MP will be anointed again by the gasas and he will just follow the footsteps of the predecessors and the cycle will continue.

My opinion is simple. We should stop electing half-baked individuals to the Assembly. We have to start with revisiting the kieti system, we have to do an overhaul to all corrupt gasa members, we have to choose leaders depending on their influence and their ability to negotiate and lure the masses, I bet we need eloquent people like Bwanamaka who can command the masses by just staring them on their faces, we need people who can contribute on the National Assembly.


Galole constituency hosts Hola town, the county headquarters but the town is no different from Magarini, a minor village town in Kilifi county, what a shame.

This is a wake up call, I know Mheshimiwa will want to raise the issue on 5th next month, but since Pokomo Magazine is actually faster in relaying information than many MPs can do, we have relieved you the burden of the Hansard Report, here is the digital one.

Have a nice time, share if you care.


  1. Let the magazine adhere to ethics. Using derogatory language against sister media houses is repugnant to the ethics of journalism.


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