Famous Elders That Once Lived In Nduru Village In Chara Location

A current celebration taking place at Nduru village

Nduru is a famous village that is found in a location near Chamwanamuma village. It is mostly known for its proud of nurturing the famous Morowa mafias *sic*. Back in 2013, the village suffered a massive destruction after the clashes that happened that time. Although the village is now quiet and peaceful, it holds a history that dates back to the colonial period.

But for now, I’ll just highlight some brief history of some elders that used to reside in the village years back.

1. Nambuyu. She was famously known for her role in taking care of the younglings while others went to attend to the farms. She was living under the care of late Issa Ali. Among the people who enjoyed the caring of Nambuyu includes Salim Babiyo and Zubeda, the mother of Zena Abiyo.

2. Salim Mnyamwezi. He was an interesting elder whose original ancestors are not known. According to narratives he gave, he claims to come from Tanzania. He found himself in Nduru village after he fled Tanzania during the first World War. He claims that since he was a male, it was compulsory for them to fight the wars. They used to carry heavy luggage for the colonial masters and got bored hence he got a chance to escape and he took it.

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An interesting story of Salim Mnyamwezi took place around 1959, Mnyamwezi went to Buyani forest by himself. By night fall he never returned. People were surprised and they decided to gather a search party the next day to find him. After a long search they heard some loud mourns on the forest and they followed it. To their surprise they encountered Mnyamwezi mauled by a buffalo, struggling for his life. His neck was badly injured.

He was taken to the hospital and he survived the ordeal by a whisker. Mnyamwezi married Machika Jillo, the mother of Ali Garse. He never returned to his original country. His remains are in Chara location.

3. Hiribae Kichoni. His origin is Ndera from Kitere. His clan was Mkinambare and his close relatives are the likes of Maro a Kalime from Kitere and his sibling is Mkyangozi a Kichoni, the mother of Ali Babiyo. Kalicho lived a minimalistic life. He never married nor did he sire any child. His relative never bothered about his life until his death. He is famously known for his role as an elder whose decisions were highly considered.



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