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It’s excitement-filled when anticipation meet realization. It’s on this weekend when reality artist Redemta Barnaba surprised everyone by pulling out an exact pencil artwork of our Honorable Governor RT Major Dhadho Gaddae Godhana. I mean it’s all over social media, who doesn’t know? Whoever imagined that Tsana is such a Hotspot of talent like this?

the trending image.


This forced Pokomo Magazine to unmask the salient bravery of this reality artist by having an interview with him due to the overwhelming public demand he has managed to attract within such a short period of time.

Here we go:

Pokomo Magazine: briefly tell us about yourself

Redemta: well,Redemta is my real name and I’m proudly from Tana River County. I won’t say much about my home place because it can be rather controversial but for my entire life I’ve lived with my single mum who’s from Kulesa and dad is from Wema village. Hehe!! I’ll be turning 23 this month and I’m in love with life in general.

Pokomo Magazine: controversy!!!…..Pretty and interesting. Would you mind telling us about your educational background?

Redemta: lovely, why not? I started schooling at Kulesa Primary School where I completed my Primary Education. Afterwards I was called to join the prestigious Nairobi School where I excelled well and I did not only get placement to Universities in the country but also received some from outside and that includes Cape Town University but I was unable to join due to financial hindrances and other reasons that I would prefer keeping as secretes. I was however satisfied to pursue my Bachelors in Building and Civil Engineering at TUM. It was what I always dreamt about (I mean for the course part) and I made myself feel at home there since 2014.

Pokomo Magazine: And this art thing, how did it come in?

Redemta: No bragging bro, I’m natural in this. It’s actually the Number one thing that I don’t struggle to do. So many people ask if I studied art somewhere but honestly speaking I haven’t. haha!!! no one has taught me how to hold a pencil, brush or anything. It just comes out from within. I just draw and paint. I paint for love, hatred and any emotion that I feel. I started while in primary school, while others were playing games I used to sit down draw and paint then one day I drew a picture of my class teacher madam RODAH, who was much encouraged me to put more effort in art, she also convinced my mum to support me in my artistic journey. I feel what I draw and paint and that’s’ what makes the difference and I hope that my artworks will someday change the world for the better.

Pokomo Magazine: you seem like an ambitious guy Redemta, what else do you do apart from art? Redemta: I do CompTech Designs, haha!! grammatically incorrect bana but…

Pokomo Magazine: Haha!!! funny, what’s that really?

Redemta: It’s a T-shirt printing business that we started about two years ago with my brother Kingston. Kingston is one perfectionist and that has taken us a long way towards growing the idea. We brand tshirts, and all other fabrics in general, Mug branding hapa umefika, logo creation, and so many other technology related stuff. Ooops!! what did I forget? The recent products we have are wallpapers for beautiful interior decoration. We’ve worked with AMANI FM, ARAP MOI PRIMARY, TANDAZA FOUNDATION BRICOV KENYA and so many others. If you may, please attach some of our products to your magazine for the audience to see what I’m talking about. Haha!! I talk a lot, right? It’s being me. Someday i should formally be a designer cloth line. But all along the only challenge is with financing.

Pokomo magazine: who is your role model?

Redemta: mmmm!!!!……. hard question but let me try.  Anybody who does artwork is my role model, NELLY MCHORAJI is the person i look upto.

Pokomo magazine: About your trending pencil artwork, why specifically the Governor?

Redemta: Mr.  (name withheld), I’m geared for nothing but the greatest piece of cake. And as I earlier said, my art is emotional. I love the governor as my leader and I would one day be so elated to share a table with him and talk one on one over a cup of hot porridge.hah!!, no offense Mr. but there’s a zillion skillion stuff we can discuss. But to cut the long story short, it’s for love.

Pokomo magazine: wow!! We as team Pokomo magazine we are praying that your ambitions to fulfilled, ok tell us are you married, single, or dating somebody?

Redemta: hahaha!!!!! Mmmmh……!!! can we skip this? Anyway, Yes kuna a beautiful lady lady am eyeing.

Pokomo Magazine: It seems that we’re almost through with our interview. What else would you wish to tell us? Haha!!! for example, about your big hair style plus anything else.

Redemta: haha!! savage…but I just love it this long and neat. To finalize, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who shaped me to be who I am today starting from the Almighty, my dear Mum you’re my hero and all my family members, friends, enemies, my pastors, teachers, leaders and everyone I might have forgotten.

My special thanks to Pokomo Magazine for the interview. God bless you as you enlighten our people and nation.

Before the team left, Redemta showed us some of his work which am glad to share with you here.

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Contacts for Redemta the artist 0708159697
Facebook Redemta Barnaba, Twitter @redemtabarnaba
His business handle on Facebook is CompTech IT soloutions


  1. Wow! I’ve never had a struggle in belief of this guy-Redemta. ‘Mdosi’, all the best of luck in your hustles.

  2. Amazing skills, am in love with everything bro. It’s a blessing to have such a talent from Tana….#ifikiegovernor

  3. I certainly don’t know you Redemta,but I think I like like you already. Kindly share his number if he doesn’t mind


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