I am many things but unconfident when it comes to facing ladies. I blame this to an incident that happened way back when I was in primary school when a girl knocked me down after an altercation. As I grew older, this became a big problem.


One chilly morning, I was seated alone in a matatu waiting for it to get full after working a night shift. I was anxious to reunite with my bed after the long cold night working as a ‘soldier’  (hahahah).


As you all know it normally takes longer for a matatu to get passengers from the City Center to the suburbs especially in the morning because all traffic will be heading the opposite direction. I was in Baroda, Mombasa heading to Vikwatani.


I was not in a hurry and I plugged in my earphones and closed my eyes as I waited for the matatu to leave the City. That was my routine each morning.


This morning, the trend was broken by a simple tap on my shoulder. I was in no moods to converse or give anyone any sort of attention. I shrugged my shoulder and ignored the tap. Again, it happened. I was now beginning to get annoyed. (Ni nani huyu anasumbua solja Bwana).

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I furiously turned to see who was disturbing my peace. Even before I could express my irritation, I froze to the sight of this Yellow Yellow adorable and bootilicious young lady. This has never happened before. She clearly could tell how freaked out I was at that moment.( Ufisi ulikua umeanza kunikolea tamu kolea)


We stared at each other awkwardly for a few seconds, after which she smiled and apologized for disturbing me. She later on asked if she was in the right matatu to Makupa. She was definitely in the wrong one. Then I thought to myself, what if this is a blessing in disguise? All I needed to do was to pounce on the opportunity and see how it goes. (solja ni kujiamini)


I quickly composed myself, as much as my heart was still racing, and offered to take her to the right matatu. So far so good, I thought to myself. Just by simply offering to assist, was overwhelming progress based on my past experiences.


We got out of the fairly empty matatu and made our way to the right ones. We conversed on various issues. She did all the talking making it easier for me (“ufinkila” utaniua). All I had to do was agreeing to what she was saying and introduce a laugh or two where necessary. Soon I was easy around her. Shortly after we were at Mwembe Tayari stage.



She was very grateful for my generosity and asked if we could meet up sometimes later. Who in their right mind would say no to that? She asked for my number, and I quickly gave it to her without hesitation. She promised to call me to arrange for the next meeting. I walked back to the matatu I was in earlier. It was now half full. I could not stop thinking about the encounter I just had.


Suddenly, the lady seated in front of me said she had lost her phone, attracting attention within a few seconds. She claimed that she had the phone with her when she boarded.


A random guy came up with a suggestion to try call the phone, to see if it is still around. She probably had just dropped it. He actually offered to lend her his phone to make the call. While all this was happening, I was minding my own business in my world of fantasy (solja nikuskiza muziki ukibweeka).

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The lady dialed a number and waited with the phone against her ear as she looked around.


To my surprise, my phone started ringing. I innocently attempted to receive it, thinking it was just a coincidence someone tried reaching me as the lady me the call.


The moment my phone was out of my pocket and exposed, the lady screamed pointing at me. The random guy confirmed that was his number calling my phone.


Before I could say anything to my defense, two passengers pounced on me and roughed me up. They took my phone and snatched my laptop Bag placed on the lap. Imagine I was a fresh form four graduate waiting to join campus, that was my first smartphone. I bought the laptop after several months of savings . When I tried to reiterate I was knocked on the forehead.


I woke up later in Makadara Hospital, regretting my gullibility. The adorable young lady was my bait. And I fell for it.


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