Rejoice As Shakababo Quenches Thirst After A Decade Of Dryness


Effort to rescue lake Shakababo is finally making some progress as water from river Tana starts oozing into the channels heading to the lake. The ambition is to make sure that the lake can be revived back to normal so as farmers can benefit economically on both fishing and farming.


Such event was last seen a decade ago when the river Tana used to flow in its normal channel until some scam projects ruined everything. Currently all eyes are on the project as some farmers are having mixed reaction on whether to continue planting on their farms or to start preparing their nets, hooks and baits in waiting for fishing.

The brook extends to over 20 meters in length

A brook at Kisichi has been dug and extended on a 20 meter stretch with the hopes of diverting some of the river water to the lake.

Water continues to drip further towards the lake Shakababo

However, some critics are already terming the project as a failure since they believe when the water level drops so will the water from the lake disappear. They urge that Matomba brook is the main culprit and should be the one to be closed. They also extended the request for the county government to speed up the process of closing the Matomba brook. “Life in the past 6 years has been hard. A fish worth 10 bob back in 2010 is now 60 bob today.” Said a local fisherman. “We urge the county government to atleast help us in elevating the economic crisis in this region.”

The machine used to construct the brook taking a nap

The change of the river channel to Matomba brook has affected everyone living in the lower delta region interms of farming and fishing.

Will the water from the river fill the lake? Only time will tell. Drop your comments/ideas on this whole issue below.



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