Official name:  Salim Bute Madawa,

Stage name: Slim Boo,

Songs: Download here

Slim Boo is from Kinyadu village in Ndera Location. Born and brought up in Laza town Tana River County.



Went to Kone Primary School then Kilifi Township High School, later joined KMTC Kitui Campus to pursue Diploma in nursing. Currently he is back in class pursuing a higher diploma in nephrology nursing at The East African Kidney Institute (EAKI) under the University of Nairobi (UON). 


 Slim Boo is an outgoing person, he likes making new friends, listening music and travelling.



 Slim Boo is multi talented Tanarian Pokomo artist, he can rap and also sing, he does hiphop, R’n’B and mduara (Swahili culture songs) He started off as a rapper, entering numerous talent search competition but failed to make a mark, according to him rapping would ”get him all the flower girl in the region”. He recorded his first song “Zeituni” under a Crew known as GBC (Slim Boo and Krahbz) at flush records Mombasa in the year 2007 which gave him a through way in his music industry. Under GBC   then they did the track “sip aka’’ featuring the coast musical queen Lazy ZP at flush records. He did his first solo single track in 2010 “Hasira’’ at flush records. Then he paused a bit musically due to academic commitments.After completion of his college studies he did tracks at his own studio cliff Sydaz Production.

His hit songs are Zeituni, Hasira Hasara, Waridi, G4G anthem (Governor rtd Major Dhadho Godhan 2017 general election campaign song) and the most recent released “Piga’’.

He is the person who influenced the hit maker and the King of Pokomo songs Mr. Machkonga in to his music career, Mr. Machkonga popular known by his stage name Mach Kay, has done hit song like “moses in twitwi, sihaja ya dawa, nkujama duwa itisa etc.

He has performed in the same stage with top artists like Lady ZP, FisherMan, Dogo Richie, Rojo Mo, Cannibal (kichwa kibov) and Nyota Ndogo.


He revealed to pokomo magazine that he is planning to take the music industry with a storm, he is planning to do collaboration with coastal artists, Nairobi and across the east African countries like Tanzania and Uganda. he has a great dream of winning awards and the first one into his cabinet will be the Nzumari awards in Mombasa next year. He has an ambition of coming up of with a  music production studio,   CLIFF SYDAZ PRODUCTION one of the biggest recording label in the country, he wants to see it to be like KAKA EMPIRE of King Kaka, he said “one day I would like to see several artists making  it in the industry from that production house” will this dream come to pass? Watch this space for updates.


    • Believe me the guy has a great talent than what you know of….his creativity in composing songs is so high that I could not believe he was the young boy I grew up with at Laza near Minor scheme….that his inspiration made me the musician I am is a clear indication that he has a great future in this industry… What else, he showed me clearly that I can explore my talent as well as pursue my career in teaching…. Since then I never turned back… one can be your form one but his greatness can overshadow his seniors…. Watch his space or listen to his song “si paka”


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