NAME: Athman Komora Machkonga






TRIBE: Pokomo






SONGS: Download here


So many people thought that the Pokomo Language was not rich enough for composing modern rap songs. Consequently, no one gave a damn about singing in Pokomo. One man from Kitere Village in Tana River County by the name Machkonga “Mrugu Mjongosi” took the Pokomo Nation by a storm when he composed his first song ( Kujama Wewe) purely in Pokomo Language. The song has been a hit song since 2010 till now.


Machkonga is the first Man in the Royal Pokomo Nation to have ever recorded a song. Before, we used to think that the Pokomo Language was an “unsupported format” in any electronic device. One morning I was shocked ,butterflies in my stomach. Our sub-whoofer in our bed-sitter thrushed Seismic Waves of Pokomo Vibes from Machkonga,The Man from Poland (POKOMO Land )

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His popularity spread too fast like a bush fire in the Harmattan. From toothless grannies to newly born toddlers they could sing the humorous songs steeped in intrigues with a basketful message. His style is so special that none of the upcoming Pokomo Musicians can match.


Machkonga does not just sing for the sake of singing. He first analyses the perennial problems that have for years been an escalating menace to the locals. A song like “Moses ni Twitwi” is a harangue to those fellas who wait for manna from heaven. “Sihaja Dawa”  On the other hand is a rib cracking song that will make you laugh hysterically and forget about the pains and sufferings in this oblate spheroid.


Apart from being a Singer and Songwriter, Machkay is the Deputy Principal of Witu Mjini Secondary School. His students must be really enjoying his lessons and sense of humour. I wish I was his student, I could tease him with the phrase ” Sihaja Dawa ami mwalimu” (hahahaaa)

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Machkonga is awaiting graduation for his Masters Degree in Religious Studies at Mount Kenya University. He is a role model to the young people for he is smart in class room work and has translated the same to music.


Being the pioneer of the Pokomo Music, in this article I propose for him to be recognised by the County Government. He is an Icon and a symbol of Hardwork.


So far Mwalimu has over 10 hit songs that are available in our Magazine for downloading,free of charge.


Machkonga will go into the books of history as the first Pokomo Musician whose songs have been played on KBC RADIO TAIFA. This man Machkonga will go places!




  1. Machkonga is one of the great musicians in our land(recording artists I assume)but not a pioneer.Before ,musicians like Baba comez existed,these were guys with great touch on musical instruments as compared to today’s so c musicians who dwell on computer software generated music aka bubblegum music.Yes he made impact.

  2. Big up Machkay, You were a good friend of mine them days in College. You were taking Eng/IRE while I was taking Eng/Music.I never knew you had a passion for music. How I wish you had specialized in music. But all the same, congratulations for being amongst the pioneers of Pokomo music. wish you well.

  3. Machkay my ever best English Literature teacher.. At Lamu girls secondary school back 2010-2011
    His edutainment classes are still fresh in my mind. The drama clubs and dances he headed in our skull room us places.
    I can’t forget this point that he taught me to write on an essay about this short story ‘against the pleasure principle’
    Mwalimu VIVA VIVA you are talented indeed.

  4. I love the song “galthama” after a friend “Sammy Mungatana ” translated it for me. Good masterpiece comrade, keep them coming


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