‘Mohamed Tokal Morowa’

    • There’s so much I want to say to you…but your beautiful eyes continue to interrupt me. 
    • Your eyes are so lovely I just keep getting lost.


  • We forget so many of the people we meet in life. But my dear, I am quite sure I’m going to remember you forever.
  • You are as refreshing as a cold glass of water on a hot day. And I am so thirsty right now.
  • I pity the men who see you, and whose lives are forever changed by your beauty.
  • I don’t really like dancing. But I will use any excuse to hold your gorgeous hands for just one moment.
    • It’s tragic. (What?) That I’ve been here all night and the moment I finally meet the prettiest girl in the room, the one, all I have time to say is goodbye. And can I have your phone number?
    • You are a compass, my dear. Without you I am lost.
    • You are flowing oasis in the desert that is my life.
    • You, my dear, are the very reason men fall in love.
    • I just have to say this, because honesty is the best policy. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!
    • How did your parents create you? I want to know how to make my children as beautiful as you are.
    • You are a walking art exhibit. I could study you for days.
    • Clothes are not sexy, clothes are clothes. Women are sexy and beautiful. And you, my darling, are all of the above.
    • So…how hard do you work to look this beautiful?
    • Hey I know you. Yeah, you’re the woman with the million dollar smile!
    • I could die happy right now. I’ve already seen an angel from heaven.
    • You know why King Solomon had 600 wives? Because he never met a one of a kind beauty like you.
    • If I had a flower for every time I thought of you and will think of you…I would be walking in a garden…forever.
    • If beauty were time, you would be forever.
    • You are the light I see glowing brightly at the end of the tunnel.
    • Your eyes are dark like a castle moat at night. Lower your drawbridge, my queen, and let me cross.
    • You are physically perfect. The only flaw is…your lips…they’re not touching mine.
    • (While holding a flower) Hi. I was just showing this rose what beautiful looks like.
    • How are you feeling? (She says fine) I said, how are you feeling? I didn’t ask how you looked. (Wink)
    • I get uneasy meeting new people. So I am forcing myself to approach the prettiest girl in the room and introduce myself.
    • If I didn’t come up here and make you laugh…I would kick myself for days on end.
    • I am baking a cake but it tastes a little bitter. Why don’t you stick your finger in it for extra sweetness?
    • Some say that beauty is in a drop of water. Well, in that case you’re the ocean!
    • I can’t buy you a drink or else I would be jealous of the glass, kissing your lips and all.
    • I imagine kissing you would be like drinking ocean water. I can drink all I want but my thirst would only increase.
    • I always thought it was just a fairy tale. But now I realize you really are made from sugar, spice and everything nice.
    • So your dad…was he a king or something? (Why?) Well, he must have been a king to make a princess like you.
    • I know I don’t have a chance with you…but I’ve always wanted to hear an angel speak.
    • I believe there is something in your eye. Er, no wait…it was just a sparkle.
    • Life without you? Well, I imagine that would be like a broken pencil. (Why?) It would be pointless.
    • Hey, you look like my first wife. (Oh? How many have you had?) None actually. But I am an optimist.
    • Do you hear that? That rhythmic pounding noise? Oh it’s just my heart beating.
    • Wow! You are talking to me? I think my dreams have finally come true!
    • I don’t really know if you’re beautiful or not. I’m still enamored by your eyes.
    • I have a bad habit of saying whatever it is I’m thinking. You are just drop dead gorgeous tonight!
    • For you I can be a knight in shining armor.
    • You know…our teenage kids would be smoking hot.
    • I am a man of few words. You are beautiful. Would you like to go out?
    • I think I love you…in that dress. Haha, caught myself.
    • You are deserving of masterful poetry, not mere words.
  • I want to spend the rest of my life entertaining you.

Best Romantic Pick Up Lines


  1. Did I just feel an earthquake or was it you who just rocked my world?
  2. What are you doing for the rest of your life? I really want to spend it with you.
  3. I think I have seen you somewhere. You are the same girl who came in my dreams last night.
  4. Would you mind lending me your heart?
  5. I have lost my heart. I think it is with you.
  6. Can you lend me your smile?
  7. My heart forgets to beat the moment it sees you.
  8. I am bowled over your looks.
  9. Would you mind lending me a band aid? I have just bruised my knee falling for you.
  10. There is something in your eye. Oh! it is a sparkle.
  11. Would you mind coming over for a coffee?
  12. Do you mind if I share rest of my life with you?


So there you have it. Get your mind out of the gutter and try something sweet for a change!



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